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5 Tips To Thank The Host Of The Party

5 Tips to Thank the Host of the Party

When you attend a party, the right thing to do is to thank the host before you leave. Even though you’ll say thank you as you’re leaving the party, to really show them appreciation for hosting the event, there are many other ways to extend your thankfulness afterward. Here are five tips for thanking your party host.

1. Return the Gesture or Give a Gift

To say thank you, offer to throw a party for the host. In some cultures, to properly say thank you for being asked to dinner, you must return the gesture and ask them to dinner. You can implement that idea here.

You can also send your host a thank-you gift such as a gift basket or flowers. If the party was during the holidays, you might consider buying Christmas cookie boxes or wine as potential festive gifts to say thank you.

2. Send a Thank You Card

After the party ends and a few days go by, find some time to write a quick handwritten thank-you note to the party host for going through all that trouble.

You can find actual thank-you cards, but a blank notecard turned into a personalized gift will do just fine as well.

Have the card mailed to the host, either at home or at their place of work (whichever is more appropriate). The party host will be glad to hear from you and will feel touched that you made the gesture.

3. Post on Social Media

Another way to say thank you is to post a photo from the party on social media. You can caption the picture expressing your gratitude. Be sure to tag the host and anyone else in the photo as well. Your host will see it and enjoy that you said thank you so publicly and took the time to post the picture.

Post on Social Media

4. Offer a Helping Hand

You can also thank your host indirectly by offering to help them out with something unrelated to the party. If the party was around the holidays, offer to pick up some cooking ingredients for them while you’re at the grocery store. You can also act like a personal shopper and take care of some holiday shopping for them if you’re at the mall.

To let them know you’re interested in helping them out, just send them a quick message saying you’re at the store or the mall and ask if they need anything. Simple acts of kindness like these are great ways to say thank you and to show others that you care. Plus, since you’re offering assistance so casually, they will be more inclined to say yes, giving you the green light to help out.

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5. Say Thank You as You Leave

As you leave the party, be sure to tell the host that you’re heading out. As you’re about to leave, make sure you say thank you for throwing the event and state that you had a wonderful time. This is a simple social expectation that your host will appreciate.

If you have time before leaving, offer to help clean up. You most likely won’t end up helping them clean up, but it’s thoughtful to offer anyway.

The Bottom Line

Saying thank you to a party host can be done in many different ways. Depending on how close you are with the host, the context of the party, and the amount of time that has gone by, your options for expressing thanks may vary. Look over the above list of tips for ideas on saying thank you to your party host!

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