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Hosting A Massive Party? 11 Fun Ways to Leave the Guests in Awe

Massive Party

Indeed, throwing a party that people will be talking about for days – whether a Thanksgiving dinner for 30 people or an intimate cocktail party for a few – is undertaking. 

However, when you think about it, drinks, food, a good conversation, some friends – is all you need to have a good time. But sometimes, just these things don’t seem enough. In the end, it’s all about how your guests thank you for hosting such an awe-inspiring party. 

Guest hosting extends beyond the picture-perfect setup – it is about how you conduct yourself at the party. The only thing unarguably worse than going to a terrible party is throwing one. Watching your friends tune out and yawn – especially after making so many calls and slogging in the kitchen for hours – is enough to make any party host admit defeat. But it doesn’t have to be this way because we’re here to help you keep your bash bumping hard through the night.

Below, we’ll discuss some tips on how to leave your guests in wonderment by throwing an unforgettable party. 

Let’s get to it.

1. Music is important

When your first guests arrive at your house or the party location, music should already be playing. That way, you won’t be stuck messing around with the stereo machine while they sit around in awkward silence. And we’re talking about the soundtrack to your party. So, if your collection isn’t up to par, ask your guests to bring their CDs or iPods. You could also hire a DJ or play the following songs on repeat: 

  • Lean on (by Major Lazer & DJ Snake feat. MØ) because any party without Major Lazer is undoubtedly incomplete.
  • Uptown Funk (By Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars)
  • Hey Ya! (By Outkast)
  • Party Rock Anthem (by LMFAO)
  • Groove is in the heart (by Dee-Lite)
  • On the floor (by Jennifer Lopez)

Or pretty much any song that has a lot of rhythms and beats.

2. Always overstock the bar

Ensure to have bubbly and chilled wine on hand, ice, and a good selection of alcohol. For instance, gin, tequila, scotch, and vodka, because these are the big crowd-pleasers. The experts also recommend setting up a station with ice, glasses, and bar accessories so that guests can help themselves. Having more alcohol on hand than you think you’ll need is always a good idea. Most guests will agree that running out of drinks is the fastest way to ruin a party.

3. Plan a trivia night

Invite enough people to form teams, and then have someone improvise the trivia. If you have a close group of friends, mix in some inside joke questions. “What is Meghan’s biggest fear?” for example. For a fun night, keep your standard bar food, such as pizza, in the mix.

4. Plan a delicious menu

Pinterest is the new Martha Stewart of unrealistic expectations. So, if you decide to go all out on the menu, pick one or two specialty items (perhaps just appetizers) and keep the rest of the meal simple. Here’s an idea: Start with two fancy peach appetizers, followed by store-bought potato chips, veggie crudité, and bratwurst (with minimum preparation required!). You can also substitute potato chips with a more guilt-free snack like pork rinds. You can check out the differences in taste and nutritional content between the two snacks by clicking on the link.

Extra Tip: Set up some seating near the grill to include the cook in the festivities.

5. Don’t forget about Karaoke 

Rather than going to a karaoke bar, why not rent a machine and sing songs in the privacy of your own home? After all, it’s simpler to belt out Robyn when no one is looking. If you’re feeling fancy, give out awards at the end of the night for things like “Best Pop Vocalist” and the like.

6. Photobooth 

Have you ever attended a party/event where people aren’t lining up for the photo booth? Let’s be honest; we all enjoy taking pictures of ourselves. So having a photo booth at your party to keep your guests happy and entertained is necessary. You can make your photo booth or hire a professional to do it for you. You could also include a photo book with pens and stickers so that guests can leave their photos along with a personalized message.

7. A lounging area

Place couches, lounge chairs, and beanbags in a separate area away from the hustle and bustle of the party. By doing this, you are providing an arrangement for your guests to relax and reenergize. Here they can easily mingle and interact with others.

8. Set up a backyard carnival 

Yes, we know that this is a lofty goal, but it is also not unachievable. A pyramid of decorated empty cans and one tennis ball adds a twist to the typical milk bottle game. Similarly, a few plastic rings and hooks can replace ring toss. Make your options as creative as possible—you can even give away tickets—and you’ll have a memorable night.

9. Party props are a must

While your photo booth must have its set of items and props, make room for additional props for guests to wear throughout the party. For example, if you’re throwing a tropical-themed party, hand out leis to each guest upon their arrival. You’ll be surprised at how inventive everyone becomes and how much fun the props provided.

10. Dance Floor 

In our opinion, the best entertainment option for any celebration is a dance floor. A space to break it down is an absolute must if you want your guests to have as much fun as possible. Whether you have a DJ, a live band, or even just an iPod, a dance floor will have everyone having a fun time. 

11. Lastly, don’t apologize

Once the party has begun, avoid pointing out flaws. 

Stop talking about the need to clean the floors or that your couch is not according to the trends.

Your home is lovely, and you should be proud of it. To that end, if you’re concerned about the quality of the food, bite your tongue. Explaining why the risotto didn’t turn out well only makes it unappealing for your guests. Also, it forces them to work overtime to assure you how well everything turned out. So, stop apologizing.


By now, you know how to host a whisky-licking, jaw-dropping, and sizzling party. And where most of your guests will be dancing and having the time of their lives.

Even if you’ve never hosted a bash before, the above-said pointers will give you the buoyancy you need to take on the party-hosting plunge. You will become the source of merriment and fun around everyone. Yes, it all might sound like a lot of work – and it can be. But there is nothing more inspiring than offering a comfortable, fun, open setting for the people in your life. 

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