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What The Process Of Getting Your Mental Health Coach Certification Online Looks Like

Mental Health Coach

Mental health coaching is a fairly new field. As a branch of life coaching, the focus is on diving into the client’s inner world to define the self and explore the deep work that transforms life for the better. While there is a need for pharmaceutical intervention and awareness of the role that chemical imbalances play in mental health, a heavy fixation on these medicated approaches still undermines the importance of other non-clinical mental health treatments.

In response to these shifts, coaching certification comes into play. Beyond the scope of standard life coaching and with respect to the training and education of traditional psychology, a middle ground exists in the field of mental health coaching. As an extension to life coaching, the core competencies are honored as coaches work to address the needs for emotional transformation to surface in each client.

A definite space exists between coaches and clinical therapists. Non-clinical concerns are effectively addressed with mental health coaching. They are viewed as part of the deep work for goals and achievement, as well as transformational strategies to enhance one’s quality of life. To learn more about mental health coaching and the process of getting your mental health coach certification online, continue reading.

Enroll In An Online Mental Health Coach Certification Program.

After enrolling, you’ll start your NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training. Once you’ve completed this course, you can begin the ICF Coach Mentoring training. Then, move on to the Master Coach training and start your Mental Health Coach Training cohort.

Note: You must enroll in the mental health coach certification Track and have finished the NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training to participate in the Mental Health Coach Training cohort.

Your Mental Health Coach Certification Training Will Be Composed Of Five Courses. The Mental Health Coach Certification Track Consists Of The Following:

  • ICF Mentoring
  • Master Coach Training
  • Mental Health Coach Training

You’ll Complete A Series Of Learning Domains That Are Made Up Of The Following:

  • 165 ICF Training Credits (240 Training hours)
  • 4 Certifications
  • Understanding the Inner Dynamic Model
  • Unlimited marketing training and peer coaching

Here’s What The Process Looks Like:

Mental health coaching is the third track option available for the online certification program. The third track includes reading materials, video/listening materials, practice coaching time, live session requirements, and assignment reports. Your training components will be broken up into online coursework, offline activities, and peer coaching sessions. Ultimately, you’ll complete your training requirements and achieve your certification.

Below Is The Syllabus For Mental Health Coach Training.

The syllabus for mental health coach certification is broken down into six modules, including:

  • course overview
  • inner dynamics introduction
  • order of operations
  • essential skills of inner dynamics
  • protocols
  • other resources

Improve Client Self-understanding With Your Certification.

Progress in your career and get your mental health coach certification by receiving the four certifications you need. Teach clients how to unlock deeper parts of themselves for emotional transformation based on behavioral modalities used to improve self-understanding.

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