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5 Common Mental Health Issues After a Divorce

Mental Health Issues

Going through challenging life events like a divorce and child custody can be an unsettling experience for both parties. In a recent study, there is a 9% increase in the rate of divorce occurring in major US cities alone. The case seems to be similar to other densely populated areas worldwide. 

There are several reasons why married couples decide to undergo a divorce. In the next section, we will look at when is the right time to file a divorce and what type of professional to call. Keep in mind that situations vary from one couple to another. 

Does it matter who files a Divorce first?

When what seems a perfect marriage suddenly ends, a starting family will undergo the stress and aftermath of a sad event. If a married couple has children, they will also experience new living arrangements, different parenting schedules, and the partition between property and resources.

Filing for divorce first gives the person who has many advantages over their defiant partner. Suppose you want to learn more about filing for a divorce, we suggest calling upon an Annapolis Divorce Lawyer to help clarify things. A divorce lawyer is suitable and well-trained in handling this legal matter. They will give you sound advice and the best legal options so you can move forward. You can also check what  Divorce Answers recommends for more information.

In some cases, not filing for divorce first after reading between the lines makes you the non-moving spouse. The non-moving spouse is the person who decides not to file for a divorce. A non-moving spouse is often at a disadvantage when determining settlements. 

The person initiating the divorce is famous as the petitioner to get a divorce started. Their spouse not filing for a divorce is known legally as the respondent. The petitioner will then call their divorce attorney to help them file a divorce petition with the court of law. Many couples attempt to fix their marriage through therapy and counseling in some cases. However, if the relationship seems to have no chance of reconciliation, the ultimate result will be a divorce. 

There are two types of divorce. The first type is a limited divorce where the spouse can still have property and food. Limited divorce is also known as Divorce from Bread and Boarding. The second type of divorce is Absolute divorce. It is the type of divorce that completely liquifies a legal partnership through a court of law. 

What are some Mental Side Effects of Divorce?

A sudden or premeditated divorce can still be a scarring experience for both parties. The legal action can also cause the perfect storm that complicates things if a married couple has started raising children. A divorce can also cause mental health issues either to the respondent or its petitioner.

We will take a closer look at some mental health issues that people experience after undergoing a divorce. 

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In some doctoral studies, they discovered that people who endure a divorce have skyrocketing anxiety levels. The increase in anxiety can occur when a person is scared of not having a trustworthy partner. Stress can also be triggered by hopelessness since some married couples attempt to build and foresee a future with each other. 


Depression is when a person enters varying degrees of helplessness combined with mixed feelings of frustration, anger, guilt, shame, and sadness. Having different levels of depression can affect people after a divorce is finalized. In some examples, if a person discovers that their spouses cheated on them, it can lead to self-destructive behaviors, depression, and loss of self-confidence.


Past survivors of divorce exposed that some people experience disruptions with their sleep cycles. It happens since they previously have a routine with their ex-spouses that helps them sleep. It’s important to remember that sleep deprivation is terrible for your brain, which can cause you to lose focus, pay less attention during the daytime, and decrease short-term memory retention. 


Before filing for a divorce, we recommend communicating well with your life partners. There are some cases where marriage is saved through therapy and counseling. However, if there is no chance at reconciliation, a divorce might be the ultimate result.

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