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7 Factors That May Increase Suicide Risk-mental Health

Suicide Risk-mental Health

There are different factors that may increase an individual’s chances of suicide attempts. All these factors described below directly connect to some sort of suicidal tendency by the person who has all these mental illnesses and sicknesses.

  1. GENDER- It is a serious problem in your country, in all the backward countries in the world. Females face this gender discrimination throughout their lives. They are oppressed, harassed, abused virtually are physical. This creates a suicidal tendency in them for behaving in such an unappreciated way by the male-dominated society. This is caused due to the lack of a good female helpline and commissions which need to take care of the victims. And even there they don’t work for the people they work for themselves.
  1. Age- Many girls at their minor age themselves are harassed by their school teachers, seniors, and sometimes parents. So, they can’t run anywhere to escape this misery in their life. So, Orange country residential rehab takes care of these children from their misery and makes it better for them. Creating a safe and healthy environment for the victims and making them feel better and come out of the depression and anxiety they are presently in.
  1. Race- Many males and females have come across discrimination about their race, which is obvious that the race or ethnic group in a country suffers much discrimination and makes it a very political issue. Still, the people who suffer this always have to suffer and turn themselves into victims of such suicide risks. There are many those who have made it their point to fight for their rights, but those who can’t fight all alone need to be fought side-by-side to protect their interests as a whole congregation.
  1. Mental illness- There are many who are undergoing some challenges in their family or in their workplace, which turns out to be a very disgraceful thing to happen. This mental illness may be caused due to the above-mentioned points, love-life failure or loss in business, or huge loan pressure. This love-life failure has made people more vulnerable to suicide attempts in the country. They don’t understand that ending a life isn’t the only solution or the way. There are different means and ways to work out your problem.
  1.  Chronic health problems- This chronic health problem is also one of the most dangerous factors where people tend to end their life by a suicide attempt. Because if you have some problem, then you can go to a good surgeon to be treated, and if this also doesn’t work for you, it is shattered, and there is no expectation of living for you. So, you tend to commit suicide and end your life. People may find it better in rehab centers like the Orange Country Residential Rehab. Those who have a professional psychiatrist to take good care of you and you will be fine.

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  1. Trouble sleeping- Many people get very little sleep all night. And when you don’t get good sleep, then you cannot get in a good mood to work. It is like a machine. Our body is like a machine in an industry which also needs rest, and so does the body needs rest, and the night is meant to take rest from all the day’s hard work and pressure. And if you don’t get good rest, the body starts to get ill, and everything is out of its course, and it may lead to suicidal attempts as it gets worse each day.
  1. Schizophrenia- This is more like a mental illness where a person’s ability to think clearly is damaged and needs repairing. The person can’t express its emotions, relate or recognize people, very far from reality, and assumptions cannot make the difference between the two, but it can be a hereditary problem or just some head injury which has damaged its inner brain nerves. This is particularly seen in adults; this is due to some post adulthood or due to late adult period. This is just as fatal and dangerous as the others. So, before it’s too late, it needs to be sorted out, and we would recommend the best rehabilitation center for this, the Orange Country Residential Rehab. 


These all reasons are very dangerous as this all leads to suicidal attempts by the people who are being tortured in the society for being something abnormal or separate from the general people.

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