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Life After COVID 19: A Not So Easy Road



Life After COVID 19

It all seems to have happened in the blink of an eye. Does it not?

One day you were out on the street, getting playful with your pals, enjoying the best days of your life. And then, the other day, you were just needed to be locked inside your own houses for some life-threatening reason. It all appears to be so normal now when the same seemed to be some kind of curse to mankind initially. They say, ‘humans are good in adapting the changes they are accustomed to.’ And we proved it to be true to a great extent when we adapted the lifestyle which is all about maintaining distances amidst us. Let’s take some time to think about how would life after COVID 19 be? Let’s question ourselves if we would be able to become our older normal selves back again. Here is how I feel about the new “LIFE AFTER COVID 19” that awaits us.

A Glance of Our Previous Selves

It takes 21 days to make it a habit & 90 days to make it a lifestyle. That’s how the basic rule to adapt to something new goes as. We just read it aloud and preached the same to our kids until now. When we actually had to use the same rule in our life when over half of the population worldwide is locked inside their houses.

Turn back and take a look at your previous self from a few months ago. Your life was all about hectic schedules to manage working hours & get-togethers with pals and taking time to loves yourself & taking time for the family. Every weekday you’d be crying and swearing your employer about not giving you enough time to manage your personal life. And on weekends you’d bitch about the day being too short to leave you hanging between household courses and self-pampering hours.

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For the unemployed, days were about meeting friends, getting gala together. They would invest hours in learning things they need or are passionate about. You talk to the extroverts and they were always like “Sorry but living within the four walls 24/7 is not my thing.” The introverts always loved to live inside ways away from chaos. But for some reason when Coronavirus was declared pandemic and the states announced long-term lockdowns, we were pissed to the soul. Mommies would love hanging on the balconies, chit-chatting about random things. The grannies would gather for kitty parties and kids would rush towards playgrounds. The teenagers would wake up excited to encounter another adventurous day with peers at school.

The entrepreneurs would dig themselves in the figures of the Wall Street Journal. While others would play risks in the stock market in the hope to raise their money.

The off-days would be chaotic with just too many members raking over the dining table. The most troublesome would be that one kid who is the ‘Drama king” of the town throwing tantrums. That’s how life was just a few months back until the COVID 19 broke out in the masses.

New Life Amidst Pandemic

The news trends started to change when the Chinese city Wuhan reported an insanely high number of pneumonia cases to WHO in January 2020. Yea! That true. This is exactly how it began. In no time, countries from the west started to complain the same. Nobody at that time had an intuition about the new black history awaiting us. The medical field was in awe as to what had happened to the world. Despite thousands of researches and experiments, all we could discover was the virus that has been spread globally.

How School Colleges Will Change in Future

The figures of Common-cold carriers rose to hundreds of thousands. Thousands started testing positive of Coronavirus disease. The death toll rose too. No one ever thought that a virus as small as 120nm could trouble mankind like this. As the virus carriers increased, the economy started to fall down. The ruling centers of the state were worried for nobody could trace the passage of it. No one knew of a way to avoid getting sick until death. There were also no medicines or vaccines known to cure the cause. The only way we knew was by being friends with cleanliness and avoiding crowds and gatherings.

But for some reason, even the ones obsessed with cleanliness suffered too. The markets were made to shut down. Schools and colleges were not allowed to call for lecture sessions anymore. Adults were made to go for work from home. Lifestyles and trends were changed suddenly. Fashion trends upgraded to endless face-masks, gloves, and stoles saga. On the other hand, the sanitizers, hand washes, and soaps rose to prominence.

Government During COVID 19

Chanakya ones said, “When the enemy is invisible, it’s better to hide inside.” This is exactly what the need of the hour became. The mantras like, ‘social distancing’, ‘isolation’, ‘quarantine’ & lock-down proved out to be the life saviors all of a sudden. OCD who found the existence troublesome became the ones devoid of global trouble. The states faced billions of losses overnight. The need of the hour was to announce instant lockdown. The drawbacks of this lockdown were numerous. The ones who suffered the most were the daily wagers. But concerning the overall human interest, the majority of the world population was made to stay quarantine.

Social Distancing (Covid-19)

Despite so many prevention, precautions, and everything, the positive figures continued to rise and soon changed from thousands to millions. The super-advanced technologies from medical fields could do nothing. The hospitals ran out of beds and the government, out of funds.

When the global front was facing so many problems at ones, there were millions of men who wouldn’t understand the severity of the situation. The administration had to punish them with beatings and fines to save their lives. To avoid panic amidst the masses, the state would keep on extending the lockdown gradually instead of announcing the long-term one.

To avoid deaths due to starvation still remained a matter of concern. There were millions out there who couldn’t afford two meals a day during the lock down. They were needed to be taken care of. Thousands of daily wagers residing in other cities and states started rushing towards their hometowns. The public transportation services had to be stopped for the virus would travel thousands of miles and transmit to healthy peoples. Forget about the army, air force, or navy, the real patriots were the cops and doctors. Life in simple words changed from peace to chaos within weeks.

A U-Turn After COVID 19

This is the story until today. There are high probabilities of the lockdown being removed. There are chances of life returning to normal. Despite hundreds of failures in creating the vaccine for the virus, there are chances of mankind taking a U-turn for revival. But after all this, few questions still remain into existence. Will life really return to normality? Will we be able to be our older selves once again. Let’s ponder our thoughts upon these questions.

The road ahead isn’t an easy one. There be countless problems that we’ll have to struggle with. My personal opinion goes with the notion that we wouldn’t be able to get back to our normal life for quite some time now.  The uplifting of lockdown is not the exit of the pandemic from our lives.

We would still feel unsafe moving out of our houses for the enemy that we stand against is invisible. You’d never know where it attacked from. There would still be thousands of people on the street not ready to travel in public transports.

The theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, and salons would still appear to be the danger zone for us. You would still find countless men covered in masks, gloves, and aprons as mafias on the street.

Mommies would feel secure in shopping from the local grocery store then the supermarkets. The schools and offices would struggle in managing distance between two desks until forever. The economic depression awaiting us would be way more severe than the ‘Great Depression.’ The recession would force millions to become unemployed. Several businesses would struggle for survival and thousands of them would run bankrupt.

With the fear of an invisible disease flowing in the air until an unknown, how could expect life to return to normal? With millions of students at risk of losing a year, how could things return to normality?

How could the families who lost its members forget everything and revive back to the days as if nothing bad ever happened? Mankind would need it’s time to heal back to its normal self. The countries would need to struggle to stand forth again as a stronger front again.

The economy will need to collect its pieces and revive once again. With time, we will return back once again to our normal self with loads of lessons to our wisdom.

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Why Are Animal Feeding Plans Important?



Why Are Animal Feeding Plans Important

One of the laboratories of animal feed manufacturing organizations which includes the nutritional status of animals that influences the ability to get its generative potential for reproduction, growth, and longevity which react to pathogens, many other environmental forces. The nutritional and balanced diet for animals is important to welfare the laboratory of animals also to assure that experimental output which is not influenced by unintended animal’s dietary factors. Nowadays, there are several cattle feed suppliers in all the locations to develop animal life.

cattle feed suppliers
cattle feed suppliers

Laboratory animals need nearly 50 nutrients, proper dietary concentrations. Well, some of the research showed the estimated report that the nutrient requirements of laboratory animals are presented in this report. This is one of the important things to recognize the estimated needs in these animals feeding estimation under specific conditions. In this article, you are going to know some of the actions that you need to ensure by giving animals good nutrition to take care of them. 

Make sure to take a regular weight check to know the condition of it which is the part of some intake examination. This should be repeated regularly while they stay in a shelter, and also it is important to visit an animal veterinarian to observe their regular health when they will be extremely thin, overweight, or experiencing different issues.

It is important to calculate the feed that you put for your animals. Having an actual weight and perfect Body Condition Score is a part of determining an animal’s feeds every day in nutritional requirements. The quantity of feed that given by each animal needs to be calculated which is taken as a life stage properly such as adult, pregnant, young, nursing, and it also protects from health status, which is very important, also it is important to choose the proper feed for a specific animal.

Why Is It Important To Plan Animal Feeds?

 The calories in the feeds and nutritional value will differ that will depend on different types of brands utilized in food. This affects the amount of a specific food that an animal needs. The calculation should be taken with a cup to know the number of calories that you are providing with specific food based on a particular weight. Also, there will be a different life stage in animals according to that you need to follow. 

maize harvester
maize harvester

Use flat-bottom and stainless steel containers or disposable trays while providing foods for the animals. Make sure to put in a clean bowl while feeding or fresh trays every time you feed and remove and clean over there uneaten food as well as used bowls. If it is possible, make sure to have separate feeding in the morning time before you are cage cleaning. Let all the animals eat that before cleaning before the splitting of cleaning.

Also Check – Why You Need To Create A Healthy Living Lifestyle

Ensure to put fresh and clean water to the animals available every time unless there will be some medical reasons. Water which you have given to them should be changed day by day and whenever that will be visibly soiled.

It is important to monitor everything regarding animals while drinking water, feeding, and eliminating. It is also essential to track everything and follow the proper timings to keep it strong. Route animals need to be taken to the veterinarian to check and recover if there are any problems. If you are searching for a maize harvester you can get it from online at the best price. 

When there are more groups of animals, then you need to pay more attention to them to access while feeding and watering. Also, it is essential that each animal is taking sufficient foods and drinking water or not and also prevent another animal from having other animals’ foods.

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini Cooper



5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini Cooper

Getting your first car can be very exciting, especially if you are looking for a premium high-performance model like Mini Cooper car offers. Making a purchase such as this should never be taken lightly, hence to help people out who are looking to buy their first car like a Mini, here are some important things you should consider.

Consider Budget Before Buying a Mini Cooper

Before anything, you need to set a defined budget for the car you are going to buy since there are so many different models that the manufacturer offers. The best way to evaluate your budget for a car is by identifying your needs. Why are you buying the car? Is it just to drive around in the area or are you going to use it daily for transport to your office?

mini cooper car
mini cooper car

What features you need in the car, should it be a diesel or petrol version? Do you live in a hot or cold place? You might have to think about getting AC as well. Power windows and power steering can improve your driving experience but are not necessary if you are tight on the budget.

Consider Features Before Buying Mini Cooper Car

Consider looking into the features as well, since you are going to pay for a premium car such as a mini cooper, you should be able to get the features worth the money. Inspect the interior properly, check what kind of features you are getting such as power windows, power steering, etc.

Resale Value

Even though a car such as a Mini Cooper is the car to own, you still want to check if the resale value of that model is worth spending money or not. You might never know if you would need to sell the car in the future. It does not necessarily have to be because you need the money, but because you might be upgrading to a different car or model.

Good resale value on your cars will allow you to upgrade to a much better option, the lower the value, the limited the options might get.


After-sales service might be one of the most important features or factors that you need to consider. There is no point in buying a car that cannot get proper service afterward. It will only lead to issues. Check if your location offers adequate servicing options for a mini cooper.

You shouldn’t have to drive a thousand kilometers just to get the car serviced. That will drastically increase the cost and will make your experience even worse. Contact the dealership or talk to the representative or salesman in the nearest showroom to understand what kind of after-sales service they are offering.

Mini Cooper Size

The Mini Cooper comes in different models and sizes, that are suitable based on individual needs and requirements. If you are thinking about buying the car for your family then you might need to check bigger models.

mini cooper price
mini cooper price

Fortunately, there are SUV models as well, that are spacious enough for your family to fit in. additionally if you are planning for long drives or driving your family to vacation in your car, consider the trunk space as well. You should be able to fit in your luggage in the car you are going to purchase.

Whereas if you are a performance enthusiast and just looking for a high performing car, checking out the regular version should be good enough.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors that are crucial to consider when buying a car for yourself or your family. Don’t forget to consider the points above while you check the Mini Cooper price.

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Why Grabbing Discounts and Offer Deals Online is a Great Idea?



Grabbing Discounts and Offer Deals

Online shopping is the trend setter of the time. Almost everyone is shopping online because of the convenience and comfort the medium offers. All of us are fond of discounts. Who on this earth would not want to save some extra bucks on a product? Therefore, looking for discounts on e-commerce sites is a common practice.

There are many discounts on these websites throughout the year. Due to the staunch competition, all the websites try to offer the best price to their customers. It is a tactic to gain customer loyalty and improve brand image. In this article, we would look at why should one look for discounts on online buys.

Why Should You Look for Discounts on Online Products?

  1. You Save More

The first reason has to be saving money. Online products usually cost you less than the market price. However, the discounts displayed on your site are for visual attraction. Online e-commerce platforms host products online at a wholesale price. The discounted price already contains the profit margin for the company. Therefore, you do not really save much. But if you apply or look for additional discounts on the product, you might save a little more. 

  • The Delivery Time

One thing to remember while shopping online is that the e-commerce sites take time to deliver your items. You have to wait for the product for possibly a week. That wait time is worth discounting some price. This is another reason why people should always look for a discounted price on items as a means of compensation for the waiting period.

  • Buying in Bulk

We often tend to buy items in bulk. Buying bulk items paves way to a huge bill. So, if you are such a voracious buyer and are loyal to the e-commerce site, you definitely deserve some extra care. So, whenever you buy items in bulk, do look for a discount on the products. This can save you a lot of money.

  • Best of Products in Less Prices

During the sale season going on in the e-commerce sites, you can grab the best items from expensive brands that are really low cost. This means that sales and discount seasons are your ticket to having your hands on the top brands you once dreamt of using but could not afford.

  • Tax Charges

Taxation for online marketing is higher than the offline retail shops, which means if you don’t avail discounts you will end up spending more than what was required. Therefore, looking for discounts and buying discounted items is the best when it comes to online shopping. You might have to heavy taxes, but you save a lot on the product, which equalizes the cost.

  • Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are the additional charges that the company applies to different products. These charges often go above a hundred bucks. So, if you buy a product at a regular price and also pay the delivery service, then you have got into a loss deal. To save yourself from this loss, always try and look for discounted products.

Looking for discounts online isn’t a bad practice. There are many reasons to do so. Before buying any product it’s important to compare each price. After comparison, finding the best deal is possible. Discounts come in various forms, but some of them are deceptive too. Make sure to save yourself from such discounts or facilities.

Above were some of the reasons why you should look for discounts during buying products online. If you follow the steps above, we are sure that nothing can stop you from getting the best deals.

Get the Best Deal Online on BiggBull

BiggBull is one of the greatest e-commerce sites of all time. The website offers the best of discounted product. There is no competition when it comes to offering original quality products at the lowest prices.

There are constant one day sale programs going on in the company’s sites. The one day deals are very profitable and can be afforded by anyone. They also highlight deal of the day tags on their website where the most selling product of the day or the best discounted product of the day is displayed.

BiggBull is a class apart from all other e-commerce websites. There is no room for duplicate products on their site. They personally check each and every item before sending it to the customer. The feature product of a day is displayed in the Today’s deal section of the website.

There is a huge rush of people to buy deal of the day products on the website. BiggBull provides single day offers like ‘offer of the day’ schemes on a regular basis. Apart from it, the company has been engaging in a lot of social development activities.

Active since 1997, BiggBull is a brand to trust. Shop on BiggBull to get the best discounted product of your choice.

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