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Kelly Paniagua Bio, Career & Networth

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Anyone who is crazy about films knows him for sure. This Australian-American actor grabbed quite a lot of fame with his astonishingly good looks and unique talent before the camera. He is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood.

His better half, Kelly Paniagua is no less. She is just as successful as an actor and model. Coming from Mediterranean ancestry, Kelly is an Australian artist. 

Julian’s wife, Kelly shares just as much of his fortune as Julian himself. That being said, a lot of Julian and Kelly’s fans are curious to know about Julian’s partner. To suffice your curiosity, here is a post from Lemony’s Blog. It essentially talks about Kelly Paniagua’s biography. 

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Julian McMahon’s third wife, Kelly Paniagua. Here, we have discussed Paniagua’s biography, age, love life, family details, and much more. 

So, without any further ado, let’s scroll down. 

Who Is Kelly Paniagua?

Kelly Paniagua is the third wife of the renowned Australian-American actor Julian McMahon. Ever since the couple started dating back in 2003, the two have been head over heels in love with each other. While McMahon is popular both as an actor and a model, Kelly is nowhere any less. She is a popular television personality and a gorgeous model. 

Over the years, Kelly’s grace and confidence have won her great success and fame. 

She rose to even additional fame after Julian proposed to her. Julian McMahon proposed to his then-girlfriend on the flight amidst several co-passengers. After seeing each other for more than a decade, McMahon and Paniagua decided to move together as a married couple. 

We shall talk about Kelly Paniagua’s love life in the later sections of the post. For now, let’s focus on uncovering her biography. 

Personal Profile | Kelly Paniagua

Official Name – Kelly Paniagua McMahon

Nickname – Kelly 

Known For – Actress, Model & Wife of Australian-American Actor Julian McMahon

Date of Birth – December 15, 1977

Age – 44 years and 7 months

Place of Birth – Australia

Current Residence – Los Angeles, California, the United States of America 

Zodiac Sign – Sagittarius

Gender – Female

Sexual Orientation – Straight

Nationality – Australian

Ethnicity – Multiracial (Spanish and Portuguese)

Religion – Christianity

Profession – Actor and Model

Net Worth – Under Review

Height – 5 feet and 4 inches

Weight – 60 Kg (estimated)

Eye Color – Brown 

Hair Color – Dark brown

Social Media Presence – Active

Parents – Not Known

Siblings – Not Known

Marital Status – Married

Partner – Julian McMahon

Children – 1 Step-Daughter (Madison McMahon)

Julian’s Wife Kelly Paniagua and Their love life

Biography Of Kelly Paniagua – Wife Of Julian McMahon

Kelly Paniagua was born on December 15th, 1977 to Mr. and Mrs. Paniagua in Australia. According to her birth date, Kelly is a Sagittarius. She is an Australian citizen. The professional actress and model, Paniagua is from a mixed ethnic backdrop. She hails of Mediterranean origin. She is partially Spanish and Portuguese. 

The actress has faith in Christianity. 

More about Kelly Paniagua’s life is discussed below.

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Paniagua’s Early life, Education And Family

Kelly Paniagua has always been popular for the secrecy of her personal affairs for a long time. The actress never took leisure in revealing anything about her early life. Eventually, we do not know much about her life before she entered the entertainment industry. 

Talking about Kelly’s educational qualifications, we want to tell you that they are under the covers too. Paniagua insists on keeping her private life away from attention. Information about her parents and immediate family is not available either. 

If you take a closer look at Kelly’s life before fame, you’d realize that there is not much to know. Her dating life before she met Julian seems to be a blank page that we can’t read. 

We shall update you on the details that aren’t available, as soon as we find them. 

We have a lot of information about Kelly Paniagua’s life post-marriage. She is married to the handsome hunk, Julian McMahon. Julian and Kelly share a beautiful child between them. Their daughter is named Madison Elizabeth McMahon.  

How Old is Kelly Paniagua?

Julian McMahon’s third wife and the famous Australian actress, Kelly Paniagua was born on December 15, 1977. Her age in August 2022 is 44 years and 7 months. 

Her husband, Julian was born in July 1968. As of August 2022, he is 54 years old. 

Physical Appearance

For a model as gorgeous and graceful as Kelly Paniagua, there is an extensive queue of fans who want to know everything about their favorite celebrity. So, here we are, with some additional information about Kelly Paniagua.

In the following section of the post, we discussed Kelly’s physical measurements.

  • Height – Julian’s wife, Kelly is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She does not have a towering height, but the actress is still pretty tall. Her height in centimeters is 163.8cm.  
  • Weight – The lean and appealing Kelly Paniagua weighs somewhere around 60Kg. Her exact weight is not known. The mentioned statistic is an estimated weight.   
  • Physical Dimensions – The 44 years old model has body measurements of 34-38-40 inches.
  • Eye Color – The actress-model has dark brown eyes.
  • Hair Color – She is a brunette. Kelly has dark brown hair.
  • Body Type – Paniagua has a triangle body shape.
  • Skin Tone – She is fair-complexioned. 
  • Tattoos and Piercing – The celebrity spouse, Kelly Paniagua has pierced earlobes. However, we have no information on whether she has any tattoos or not.

Why Is Kelly Paniagua Popular?

Kelly Paniagua is a successful Australian actress and model. She is also a prominent celebrity spouse. Her husband, Julian McMahon is a popular Australian-American actor. Julian is best known for his phenomenal acting in FBI: Most Wanted (2020) and Fantastic Four (2005).

Kelly is widely famous as the wife of Julian. Did you know that she is also famous as the daughter-in-law of the former Australian Prime Minister? 

Kelly’s husband, Julian Dana William McMahon is the second child of Sir William McMahon and Lady Sonia McMahon.

Kelly Paniagua Profession and Net Worth

Kelly’s Husband Julian McMahon

Kelly Paniagua and Julian McMahon first met in 2003. Having dated for about a decade, the decision to marry came. 

They walked a long journey together before they decided to marry each other. Before Kelly, Mr. McMahon had two failed marriages. He also has a daughter from his second marriage. 

Julian’s ex-wife Brooke Burns and he has a biological daughter, Madison McMahon. Madison is 22 years old. She was born on June 10 in 2000. 

Julian’s first wife Dannii Minogue is a singer. His second wife, Brooke, is an American model, actress, host, and television personality. 

Julian met Kelly via some mutual friends. He met her the same years as his partition with his second wife, Brooke. The duo hit it off instantly. Reports suggest that Julian found solace over his failed marriage with Kelly. Eventually, they started dating. 

Kelly and Julian had dated for about a decade until Julian planned to propose to her. He proposed to Paniagua on the plane to Paris. Later, it was revealed that McMahon’s daughter Madison had helped him court his third wife. Touched by his sincerity, Paniagua agreed right away. They got engaged in November 2013 and walked down the aisle in June 2014 in a private ceremony in California. The couple never planned to have a child. The only child among them is Julian’s daughter Madison. 

Madison is a beach Volleyball player today. She lives together with her father and stepmother Kelly in California. They share their family with four dogs, a horse, and numerous fishes, chickens, and birds. 

Her Husband – Julian McMahon

Julian McMahon’s full name is Julian Dana William McMahon. He was born to former Australian Prime Minister and his wife, Lady Sonia McMahon in 1968. Mr. and Mrs. McMahon welcomed their second child, Julian in Sydney, Australia.

The actor shares his family with his parents and two sisters Melinda and Deborah. The 54-years old actor debuted in the entertainment industry in 1989. He is popular for his work in ‘Charmed,’ ‘Nip/Tuck,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ ‘Runaways’ and ‘FBI: Most Wanted.’

Kelly Paniagua Profession

While it is not a piece of news that Kelly Paniagua is a model and actress, the celebrity spouse has refrained from sharing any details about her work. Unlike Kelly, Julian has been expressive about all of his works. As of 2022, the Australian-American actor has had 17 movies under his name. 

He has also worked in more than 19 television shows. McMahon has also voiced the character Victor Von Doom or Dr. Doom in the video game, Fantastic Four (2005).  

Kelly Paniagua Is A Writer And App Developer

While information about Kelly remains scarce, she maintains a modest yet noteworthy presence in the media landscape. This former model ventured into literature, penning and publishing a children’s book entitled “Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan” in July 2012. This delightful tale unfolds over 36 pages, filled with award-winning bedtime features, where the protagonist, Sarah Sullivan, embarks on a magical journey through the realms of her imagination. The story beautifully illustrates the power of believing in one’s dreams, culminating in Sarah’s epic lunar adventure that reinforces the notion that anything is possible.

In addition to her literary achievement, Paniagua translated her book’s essence into an app of the same name. The book’s inspiration draws from her husband’s bond with his daughter from a previous marriage.

In recent years, Kelly has chosen a more private path, distancing herself from the media’s gaze. While she occasionally graces the red carpet alongside her renowned husband, her pursuits and endeavours have remained mysterious.

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Salary, Net Worth & Lifestyle

People from all over the world recognize Kelly Paniagua as a celebrity wife, actor, or model. And only a small fraction of people know about her skills as an author. 

Julian McMahon’s wife, Kelly is an award-winning author. Her book ‘Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan’ has won multiple awards. Kelly’s book is a children’s storybook. It narrates bedtime children’s fantasy stories. Paniagua has also developed a mobile application for bedtime stories. The app narrates the children’s stories to the kids. Despite multiple ventures in different professions, Kelly Paniagua has not revealed her net worth.

Her net worth is under review.

Kelly’s husband, Julian McMahon has a wholesome net worth of more than $16 Million. He is a man of power indeed. 

Rumors And Controversies

Kelly Paniagua has been away from any rumor or controversy.

Social Media Presence 

Mrs. Kelly Paniagua McMahon is a socially active woman. She is present on all the leading social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Her husband, Julian McMahon is also active on all the prominent platforms. His verified profile on Instagram has 88.2K followers. Julian has more than 10K followers on Twitter.

Lesser-Known Facts | Julian McMahon’s Wife – Kelly Paniagua

Discover some lesser-known, yet interesting facts about McMahon’s wife, Kelly Paniagua – 

  • Julian has been into three marriages in his life. While the first two of his three marriages were a failure, his third marriage is a success. 
  • Kelly is Julian McMahon’s third wife.
  • Kelly, her husband, and stepdaughter, Madison, live together in California.
  • Julian and Kelly live in the company of lots of pet animals.
  • Kelly’s stepdaughter, Madison is a beach volleyball player.
  • Her husband, Julian McMahon is the son of the former Australian Prime Minister.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kelly Paniagua

Who Is Kelly Paniagua?

Kelly Paniagua is the wife of Hollywood actor Julian McMahon. She is an actor and a model.

How old Is Kelly Paniagua?

As of October 2020, Kelly Paniagua is 42 years and 10 months old. She celebrates her birthday on December 15 every year. 

Who Is Julian McMahon Married To?

Julian McMahon is known for his complicated married life. For a man who has lived half a century, he has always been active in dating. As of now, Julian has had three marriages in total. He shared his first marriage with Dannii Minogue for a year (1994-1995). In 1999, he tied knots with Brooke burn. Although the couple did not last for a very long time they shared an adorable daughter.  

Kelly Paniagua is McMahon’s present wife. The couple walked down the aisle together in 2014. The two have been living happily together since then. 

Why Is Kelly Paniagua Famous?

Besides TV personality and model with her flawless beauty, Kelly Paniagua is also famous for being Julian McMahon’s wife.

Who Is Julian McMahon’s Current Wife?

Actor Julian McMahon has had three marriages. His first wife was Dannii Minogue. Brooke Burns was his second wife.

His third and current wife is the actor-model, Kelly Paniagua.

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