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Who is Kaia Faith Calaway – Her Early life, Net Worth, Parents, and Professional life

Who is Kaia Faith Calaway

Who is Kaia Faith Calaway?

Kaia Faith Calaway is the daughter of a celebrity. She is the daughter of Undertaker and his present wife Michelle McCool. The Undertaker is a famous wrestler in the United States of America. His real name is Mark William Calaway. But it is known by the name of the ring.

The Early Life of Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia Faith Calaway was born in Austin, Texas and her date of birth is August 2012. Kaia was born to her parents The Undertaker and Michelle McCool. In addition to her parents, she has half-siblings named Gunner Vincent Calaway, Gracie Calaway, and Chasey Calaway from her father’s previous marriage to Sara Calaway.

Kaia Faith Calaway has the nationality of America and belongs to an unknown zodiac sign. This young personality reached the age of 10, which is shocking because she achieved huge success and attention at such a young age.

Education of Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia Faith Calaway probably goes to high school or elementary school because she is too young to enter university, but the details of her education are not yet known.

Kaia Faith Calaway Physical Appearance

Kaia Faith Calaway Physical Appearance

Kaia Faith Calaway is of average height and weight. In addition, Kala has kept her body measurements at an unknown level, including her chest size, waist size, and hip size. However, Kala has blonde hair and eyes that are brown.

Kaia Faith Calaway Professional life

Kaia Faith Calaway did not start her career because she is very young to start her career but her father is a wrestler who started his career as a wrestler and also worked in several movies like Suburban Squad, The Flintstones, and WWE Stone Age.

In addition, her mother is also a retired professional wrestler and is known for her time with the WWE. She is also an earlier two-time WWE Divas Champion and two-time WWE Women’s Champion. Her mother also won the WWE Women’s Championship, becoming the first female wrestler to hold both titles.

Details about Kaia Calaway’s Parents

Kaia Calaway's Parents

As said before, Kaia Calaway is the daughter of a famous wrestler in America. Her father, Mark William Calaway or popularly identified as the Undertaker is a celebrity. On the other hand, her mother Michelle McCool is a proper wrestler’s wife. Michelle is also a professional wrestler like her husband Mark Calaway.

Furthermore, both of Kai’s parents were famous names in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) show. What’s more, Kai’s father, Mark or Undertaker, is a former wrestler. Mark and Michelle’s single daughter is Kaia Calaway. She has no other biological siblings. But she has three half-siblings on his father’s side.

When did Michelle and Undertaker Get Marry?

Michelle McCool and Mark William Calaway, or the Undertaker, were married in 2010. It was an intimate and beautiful ceremony. The marriage guests included family and friends of the engaged couple. After the wedding, in 2012, the couple had Kaia Calaway.

However, Michelle and Mark William have been dating since 2019. Mark’s undertaker was a private person before meeting Michelle. He is more outgoing after dating Michelle. The couple met while working in WWE. They were on bad terms before they met.

Michelle is the third wife of Mark William. Before the wedding Michelle, Undertaker wedded Jodi Lynn in 1989. But in 1991, he divorced Jodi Lynn. Later, in 2000, he tied the knot with Sara.

Net Worth of Kaia Faith Calaway

Kaia lives a quality life with the earnings of her parents who have an impressive income. The Undertaker reportedly has a net worth of around $17 million. And he earned most of his earnings during his long career as a wrestler.

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Kaia Faith Calaway Social Media Profile

Kaia Faith Calaway is active on social media like Instagram where her username is @kaiafaith where she has 18 followers but her id is private and will be unlocked by her mother after reaching 250 followers which she will reveal through her Instagram bio. However, due to the privacy of her account, it is not known whether this account belongs to her or not.

Interesting Facts about Kaia Calaway:

1. The first fact about Kai is that she is just as adventurous as her parents. She loves a lot of outdoor activities.

2. Another fact about her is that her parents are well off. Her father, The Undertaker, net worth is around $17 million.

3. Finally, Kaia is a unique name meaning Earth in Greek and Sea in Hawaiian.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kaia Faith Calaway

Q. Kaia’s Real Name?

Kai’s real name is Kaia Faith Calaway.

Q. Kaia Faith Calaway’s Parent’s Name?

Michelle and the Undertaker.

Q. Date of Birth of Kaia Faith Calaway?

Her date of birth is August 2012.

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