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A Peek Into The Life Of Jenny Popach: Her Bio, Career, Family, Net Worth, & More

Jenny Popach Biography, Age, Family & More

Jenny Popach’s life story simply speaks about her hard work and passion. Famous as a YouTuber, social media influencer, and content creator, Jenny’s life is full of colorful moments. A lot of people know the girl Jenny from Florida, USA, who is a TikTok star and YouTuber. 

As a content creator, she has earned immense success in her short career. So far, she has even attracted over 6 million followers on her Tiktok profile. Needless to say, she has a huge fanbase now who wait eagerly for her videos. 

Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, she has a YouTube channel where she uploads mainly tutorials and challenging videos. In the year 2017, she joined YouTube for the first time and uploaded her first video My First Official Time In New York’. Naturally, that video received tons of likes and views from people. 

It’s worth noting that she always wished to become a famous person. Well, we have to say that she did achieve her dream. So, in this Lemony Blog, we shall take a look at some fascinating facts about Jenny Popach. 

If you want to know details such as her life story, career, family members, boyfriend, net worth, etc, then go through this Lemony Blog. Furthermore, we shall also share a few interesting quick facts relating to her life. Last but not least, we shall conclude the blog with FAQs. 

A Short Bio On Jenny Popach

According to the sources, their real name of Jenny is Roselie Arritola. However, she uses the Jenny name for her YouTube channel and social media websites. So, the sources claim that she was born in the year 2006, on 15th November, in Florida, USA. Hence, if you ask us how old is Jenny Popach, then the answer is 15 years, as of 2022. 

Jenny follows the Christian religion and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Moreover, she is an American citizen and belongs to Mixed ethnicity. From her very childhood, she has had huge aspirations. 

To elaborate, she always had a fascination for dancing, singing, and entertaining people. Perhaps that’s why she chose content creation as a career. Currently, Jenny Popach has made a niche for herself as a content creator on YouTube. 

She regularly posts videos about tutorials and complex challenges. Most importantly, she likes to entertain her fan following and that’s a fact because she has a huge fanbase. As of now, she has over 6 million followers and tons of viewers on her YouTube channel. So that just shows the immense fame she has. 

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Family Members Of Jenny

It’s true that all of this couldn’t have been possible if Jenny’s parents and family members weren’t supportive enough. Jenny Popach’s parents were truly an inspiration in her life. They always had Jenny’s back all the time. 

However, if you want to know about them it’s quite unfortunate because we don’t have the facts to share. It’s because Jenny Popach doesn’t like to share many details about her own life. Of course, we know her as ‘Jenny’, but very little do we know about ‘Roselie’. 

However, there are a few sources that claim that the name of her mother is Maria Ulacia. As for her father’s name, there’s no clue. Now, the question is whether she is the only child in the family or not. Well, to answer this question, we have to go back to her YouTube videos. She has done a lot of videos with her brother. So. we can safely say that, yes, she does indeed have a brother. 

Physical Stats

Physical Stats of Jenny Popach

Jenny Popach is a very famous Tiktok star who loves to dance and perform. As a content creator, she has earned much fame in her life. Though she is young, she has already made a name for herself. 

According to the sources, she is around 5ft 1 inch tall which is equivalent to 155 cm. On the other hand, she weighs around 48 kilograms, equivalent to 106 lbs. Fans of Jenny will also agree that she looks stunning with her open black hair. Moreover, she just loves to experiment with her looks and we see her trying out trendy stuff. 

According to sources, she loves crop tops, miniskirts, and jeans, and almost never steps outside without applying eyeliner. As for her physical stats or body measurement, she has an hourglass body figure measuring 34-28-34. 

Jenny’s Personal Life

It seems that Jenny Popach is enjoying her personal life a lot. It’s true that she has become an internet celebrity now and that’s why she is quite busy with her social life. Even though she is still a school student, she takes care of her ‘Internet’ life quite seriously. 

Currently, she’s focusing on her career and not seeing anyone. In other words, yes, Jenny is single as of now. However, we do need to mention that she’s a famous girl and that’s why there are a lot of boys who have a crush on her.

Jenny’s Rise To Stardom

As we mentioned earlier, people know Jenny mainly as a Tiktok star for posting dance videos on her profile Jennypopach. Currently, Jenny Popach Tiktok account has over 6 million fans. However, it was with YouTube that she first gained prominence. If you are a new fan of Jenny, then let’s check out some interesting facts about her life as a content creator. 

So, she first joined the video-sharing platform YouTube back in 2017. Her first video on Youtube ‘My First Official Time In New York’ earned a lot of videos in a quick time. Later on, she joined Titkok and Instagram

Since she always wanted to become a famous person, those websites gave her a platform to showcase her talent. Next thing we know, due to her cute face and charming personality, a lot of people became her fans. She uploaded her first post on Insta on 1st April 2020 and since then she has never stopped sharing pictures or videos. 

While she has created her Insta account mainly for sharing her dance videos, she uploads tutorials and challenging videos on her YouTube channel. Needless to say, she has gained popularity on all platforms.

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Facts To Know About Jenny Popach

Let’s check out some quick facts about Jenny now. 

  • Did you know that in December 2021, Jenny lip-synced to a dialogue between Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster, her daughter? She even superimposed a picture of Kylie over the video and it has become one of the most popular videos of Jenny with over 17 million views. 
  • There was a controversy when she and her mother came into the news in June 2021. The news said that she along with her mother and a few other friends broke into the Hype House. However, her mother, later on, gave an explanation that they had permission to visit the house. 
  • Jenny Popach loves to dance and she is quite adept at it as well. 
  • In her first post on Instagram, Jenny wore a blue colored strip dress. 

Jenny Popach Net Worth

Jenny Popach Net Worth
Jenny Popach Net Worth

According to the sources, Jenny Popach Net worth reads 600k USD. The majority of her fortune comes from her career as a social media influencer and content creator. 


Now it’s time to discuss some frequently asked questions about Jenny Popach.

How Old Is Jenny Popach?

Since Jenny’s birthdate reads 2006, 25th Nov, Jenny Popach age is around 15 years old as of 2022. 

What Does Jenny Do?

Jenny Popach is not only a pro dancer but also a content creator. She has a YouTube channel where she uploads numerous videos about tutorials and complex challenges. On the other hand, she has a Tiktok profile with over 6 million viewers, and she posts a lot of pictures and dance videos there. 

What’s Jenny’s Height?

Jenny stands tall at a height of 5ft 1 inch. A lot of people may know that she likes to wear heels so that’s why it’s not easy to know her height for certain. 

Was she In Quarantine Daily?

Yes, Jenny Popach was in fact featured on the cover page of Quarantine Daily magazine two years ago in May 2020. 

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