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Why International School Education Is So Popular In Thailand

International School

While every country has international schools, Thailand has more than most, especially in Bangkok, the home of many established British international schools. This large number of international education programs is a reflection of the demand, with Thai and expatriate families that want their children to have an international education.

Here are some of the reasons parents want international education in Thailand.

  • English language fluency – Thai parents understand the importance of language fluency for their children’s future and every Bangkok international school uses English as the language of instruction. If a Thai student enters an international program at the age of 7, they would be fluent by the time they enter secondary school. If you want a top career in Thailand, English fluency is vital and enrolling your son/daughter in a top British international school will ensure they acquire the language skills they need for a rewarding career.
  • Academic excellence – If a student is a high achiever, doors will open and international schools focus on academic excellence. If the academic bar is set high, students respond accordingly, with a structured curriculum that starts in pre-school (early learning) right up to Year 12. Visit a school website and they have academic stats that tell you everything you need to know; schools with top academic results will advertise the fact.
  • Active learning – Thai schools tend to use a teacher-centred learning approach, which does not develop creativity and initiative; all international education programs would be project-based experiential learning, which is globally recognised. Life is full of experiences and the best way to learn something is to actually do it. Teachers become facilitators, guiding groups of students as they work on projects and this kind of learning encourages initiative. Click here for information on family library access.
  • University admission – Ask any Thai parent what goals they have for their child, entering a top university would be high on their list. After 12 years of academic education, an international school student would be in a good position to enter the best universities, due to their educational background and high GPA.
  • Expatriate families – The children of diplomats and upper management study at international schools and they make up around one-third of the student body. The children learn in a multi-cultural environment and that helps them to have a balanced outlook on life. The school uses the UK National Curriculum, which is recognised as one of the best in the world. For more information on Thai education, click here.

Choosing A School For Your Child

We all want our kids to have the best possible start in life and enrolling them in an international school ensures they will acquire the necessary skills to enable them to achieve their goals. When you find an international school website that you like, book a tour of the school and prepare a few questions to ask the principal.

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