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7 Reasons Why Indian Parents Are Taking An Interest In Online Accredited School Programs

7 Reasons Why Indian Parents Are Taking An Interest In Online Accredited School Programs

After the pandemic hit the world, the trend of online home school programs for elementary kids has been growing in India, and parents, as well as children, are taking an interest in the various courses and programs offered by them. These accredited school programs help the children to gain knowledge and enhance their skills. Now, Indian parents are enrolling their children in online schools as the program focuses on all subjects as well as dual language programs.

People don’t do anything without any appropriate reason, so why are Indian parents showing interest in accredited homeschool programs? Curious to know about the reasons the I read the article below, but first, you must know what exactly an online homeschool program is.

What Is An Accredited Homeschool Program?

An accredited homeschool program is a type of schooling system that provides a curated curriculum for the students where all subjects, such as math, science, history, and English, are taught. These schools follow the educational guidelines that are necessary for the students to get a well-round education. The school also offers diploma courses to the students so that they can have better education and career options in the future. This education system is ideal and favorable for both parents and students as they have access to classes from anywhere and everywhere.

What Is The Difference Between Online Homeschooling And Traditional Homeschooling?

Traditional HomeschoolingOnline HomeSchooling Programs
The parents/ guardians perform as a teacher, and they are solely responsible for designing the curriculum of the child.The curriculum is designed and curated by professional teachers as per virtual school norms, and parents just act as coaches.
Religious-based teaching can be provided to the child.No religious-based teaching is incorporated into the curriculum.
The child may or may not get a chance to socialize with others as the classes are done at home, and they do not require to go out.Virtual or online schools provide a curriculum where the students can socialize with each other.
In some states, they take tests and exams of the homeschooled student, whereas, in some states, it’s not required.Examinations are conducted by the state board administrators.

7 Reasons Why Accredited Programs Are Becoming Popular Choice Of The Parents 

1] Flexibility In Study Timings

Accredited online homeschool programs are flexible that allow the students to study as per their capacity and at their own pace. This is one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling as the students do not feel pressured and can work on the subjects and courses at the time that is suitable for them. Some students, like athletes, artists, actors, idols, etc., may have a busy schedule adieu to which they are unable to attend traditional classes. For such students, online classes are a blessing as now they can complete their studies as well as do their other extra-curricular activities. 

2] Convenient For Both Parents As Well Students

Another reason parents are taking an interest in online homeschooling programs is because of their convenience. Now students don’t have to commute to the school location like they did for traditional classrooms and can study from their own comfort zone. This saves time for the parents, too, as they are free from picking up and dropping their child to and from school and can focus on other tasks. Time saved from.

3] Personalized Education Provided To The Students

The faculties associated with the online accredited school programs pay attention to each student in the class individually. Also, the kids are provided with real-time feedback on how to improve and which areas to work hard on. This personalized approach to teaching the students has won the parent’s hearts as now they find that their child is improving in studies as well as taking an interest in the subjects. Students who used to struggle to understand things in a traditional classroom can now get one-on-one support from experienced teachers.

4] Cost-Effective And Affordable

Since the students don’t have to commute to the physical classroom/ school, money is saved, and the only place where they need to spend is the internet and course fees. The fees of online home school supplement program are relatively more affordable than those of traditional schools, which makes it beneficial for families that come from different backgrounds. Now, the kids of middle to backward classes in society can also afford a proper education at less expense.

5] Improved Technology

With the development and advancement of technology, online learning has become more engaging and accessible for students. Different schools design various interactive learning experiences for the students, which may include virtual labs, simulations, and multimedia resources. All these methods are introduced to the students to make their learning better and motivate them to study more efficiently and with concentration.

6] Exposure to International Curriculum

The curriculum offered in the online accredited schools is designed as per the education norms of the internationally recognized education system so that the students can apply for admission globally. Courses such as bilingual education benefit students the most as the demand for multilingual personnel in business companies is growing rapidly. Even in institutions, colleges, and universities, these students have the upper hand during admission. This course broadens the opportunity and scope of the students as well as induces them with international culture for future advantage.

7] Increased Access to Quality Education

Through access to an online school system now, the children of rural areas can get a quality education as there is a shortage of good schools in these areas. Online homeschooling has made it possible for both urban and rural areas to be educated in the best possible way alongside working on their skills. These programs can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, so it is evitable for the students to miss any class.

Final Words

Flexibility, convenience, personalized classes, and cost-effective, technologically advanced, and internationally recognized education are a few reasons that are attracting Indian parents to the online schooling system. Now they know the significance of online homeschool programs in their child’s life and how they will help them in their future endeavors.

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