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Everything You Need To Know About Internal Linking For SEO

Internal Linking for SEO

Links are important for any website these days. Not only for SEO but many other reasons are there to tell you the importance of the links. There are two types of links used by a website for SEO, content marketing, promotion, authenticity, etc.

External links are used to get more traffic and authenticity. It is very simple to understand the external links, their usage, and their importance. But when it comes to internal links, then many webmasters or digital marketers become confused about them. They don’t know why they need to use internal links on their web pages. They don’t know the meaning of internal links, their importance, or their benefits. But here we are with a very useful post for you. We will tell you how you can use SEO for internal linking on your website. These tactics will help you a lot. In this post, we will share every important thing about internal linking from basics to advance.

What Are Internal Links?

Internal links are used to establish a connection between different pages or posts on the same website. External links are used when we have to link our web pages or posts with other platforms or other websites. But when we use an URL to link two different pages on the same page, then you will be using an internal link.

Importance of Internal Linking

Many digital marketers will recommend you to use internal links. External linking is important, but internal linking is more important than it. If you don’t believe that it is more important than external linking then must have a look at the points we have mentioned below. We hope that you will get an idea of how important it is to use internal linking in SEO Services.

1. Search Engine Crawlers

Any website that wants to impress the search engine crawlers and SEO is there to do this. We use various tricks to guide and impress the search engine crawlers on the website. We want search engine crawlers to find our content useful and rank our website high on search engine result pages (SERPs). When you have all the relevant pages interlinked on your site, crawlers will easily find them and list your web pages in search result pages.

2. Search Intent

For more engagement with the site visitors, you have to provide them with complete information about the relevant topic. You have to satisfy their search intent through your posts. And you cannot provide all the information related to a topic on a single page. So it is very important to interlink your pages. A reader will click on more relevant page links to read more.

3. More Dwell Time

Getting more relevant content links on a single page will encourage your visitors to click and read more. You will be getting more dwell time on your website which is a very good signal to the search engines. Google will believe that your website has useful content and it will rank your site at the top for a particular search query.

4. User Experience

User experience is a very crucial factor for SEO these days. And when you have interlinks on your webpages, and more users are clicking on all these links to browse more content. You will be sending a positive signal about user experience to the search engines. That is why we recommend you to share useful interlinks to help users.

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How To User Internal Linking For SEO?

Now the question is how to use internal linking for SEO. We mention here that don’t try to use irrelevant topic links on your pages. For example, if you are writing a post on how to grow traffic on an Instagram account. But you are sharing an interlink at the end of the post which says “how to play PUBG without lag”, then it is not going to be useful for you. Don’t worry, and follow a few steps mentioned below to use interlinks.

Find Relevant Posts & Pages

As we have mentioned that it is very important to find relevant posts and pages. Try to make categories for different web pages or content. Now whenever you write a post on your page, try to share relevant post links in the end or anywhere else.

Interlink At The End

The first and very common way to share interlinks on your website is to share interlinks at the end of the post. Most of the websites are using this simple trick.

Link In Between

This is the best way to share interlinks. For example, if you are writing a guide type blog post about “Adwords ad campaign”. Then you can share a link in between your content that is relevant to the AdWords ad campaign topic.


Interlinks are as important as external links or backlinks. You can use internal links for better ranking. So if you don’t have internal links in your SEO packages. Then you must have to add an internal link strategy to your SEO packages. It is one of the simplest methods used in SEO for higher search engine result pages (SERPs) ranking.

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