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Improving User Experience: A Simple Guide

improve user experience on your website

Are you looking for ideas to improve user experience on your website?

Owning a website is beneficial for you as it’s the most powerful marketing tool you can have. With minimum effort, you can gather your target audience and keep on raking those sales. However, you may notice that you’re not selling as much as you would like.

This may be because your visitors have a bad experience when visiting your website. This is why you should focus on improving the user experience to make your website user friendly. Doing this enhances the experience of first-time visitors, and also increases customer retention.

How are you to do this, though? Here’s a simple guide to improving your website to make it better for users and visitors. Read what we have below and learn more.

Don’t Forget to Use White Space

A simple way of improving user experience is by using white spaces on your websites. If you’re wondering what white spaces are, these are the spaces you use to place ads. Use these spaces by adding relevant ads and images that will benefit your website.

The more features you add that relate to your website, the more your users can understand what it’s all about. This also makes your website more attractive, keeping visitors engaged all throughout.

Optimize the Page Speed

When browsing the internet, you’d want websites to load as fast as they can. Visitors are sensitive to the smallest of delays when browsing, and it’s enough for them to click off of your website. If your website loads for more than three seconds, there are high chances that people will leave it.

Improve the loading time of your website by removing the elements that cause it to slow down. These elements that slow down your website can be large images, embedded videos, and poorly-coded plugins. Aside from what’s mentioned, poor compression adds more seconds to the loading time.

Removing these and finding better alternatives make it easier for your website to load essential processes. This will then make it so your website loads faster overall.

Add Visual Cues to Essential Prompts

When a customer visits your website, most are already accustomed to following cues to determine what is important to them. Keep in mind that they visit your website knowing what they already want. Improve their user experience by guiding them with the use of effective visual cues.

An easy way to do this is by adding an attractive call to action button. These stand out and will make them noticeable if implemented well. Doing this makes it easier for you to generate leads and conversions since customers will know where to head to.

Adding elements to your links also makes it likely for users to click on them. Some websites don’t bother making their links stand out, which causes customers to ignore them, impacting the website’s general SEO score since they can’t add to it.

A simple fix to this is by changing the color of your linked text. This makes them immediately noticeable when next to other text. It’s a simple, but effective way to improve your website user experience.

Make Key Pieces of Information Stand Out

Get the information fast to your customers by separating key pieces of information. Writing them in a bold format or something that makes them look bigger helps. This makes them stand out, allowing visitors to take in information more effectively.

You can also use traditional bullet points to list out information faster. This is also a good idea when listing topics within your content. This way, your visitors can click on the topic they want so they don’t have to scroll down for however long they need to.

This will attract the attention of your user as they feel that everything they need to know is within reach. With a small, convenient feature like this, they’re likely to think better of your website.

Add Images

Images are great ways to relay information to your customer. It’s the easiest way for them to absorb your content, especially since too much reading becomes tedious. Using the right image will get the job done and earn your user’s trust.

However, website visitors have keen eyes when determining if the image they see on your website is a stock photo or not. If they recognize that it’s a generic image, you are likely to lose the trust of your customer, instead.

There is nothing wrong with using stock images since they do have good quality. The only problem is that they’re often generic, which means they fail to make a connection between you, the user, and the brand. Use images that you own and support your content, instead.

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Consistent Web Pages

Improving user experience isn’t all about smooth transitions, flow, and use. It’s also about providing a beautiful experience as they navigate your website. You can do this by showing consistency with fonts, headers, and design.

Showing consistency on your website is sure to make your customers appreciate it. This way, they’ll never get lost while browsing your site or get confused with what your website’s buttons do.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

There are about five billion mobile users in the world. This goes without saying that going mobile friendly is a must.

Reading through the screen of your phone is different when doing it on a smartphone. With limited space, the actions that you do are different when you do it on a computer. Going mobile-friendly makes it so they don’t have trouble accessing and navigating your website.

What’s great is that there are a lot of ways for you to do this. Some CMS and website builders will do this for you from the get-go. Another resource can also help you by showing you the way to optimizing your website.

Know the Hows of Improving User Experience Today

Ensuring that your website goes on top of the Google search list is your priority. Don’t forget, though, that improving user experience is as important to the survival of your online business. Keep your website on top with the help of this guide today!

Do you want to learn more about website optimization? Check out more of our guides to learn all you can today!

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