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How can Google Search Console help you boost your SEO?   

Google Search Console

The vast majority of search engine optimization tools cost money. Each displays its own data set, which consists of a variety of measures that are exclusive to that particular tool. 

It is always hard to figure out which one to trust. 

Fortunately, Google Search Console can handle the majority of your term and SEO ranking tracking for you.  

And there is no cost involved.

Google Search Console – What is it & why it is vital? 

Search Console is a free service designed by Google to aid businesses optimize their websites for search.  

It provides a plethora of information that is essential for good SEO, such as the keywords for which your site ranks, its position for those keywords, the frequency with which users click on your result after inputting specific queries, and the sites that have linked to your site.  

It also informs you of any problems with your site, such as crawl errors (when Google is unable to access a page on your site) and manual interventions. It will even tell you if your website is easy to use on a mobile device. 

Because of these factors, Google Search Console is an essential component of your SEO toolkit. 

Once you have set up Google Search Console, you will be able to see how your website performs in organic search and allow Google to crawl and index it. 

Pro tip – Do you know how to find someone’s email address? 

If you are running an email marketing campaign but are not getting enough engagements, then it is time to re-build your email list. 

And if you are unable to figure it out how to find someone’s email address, here is a tip for you. 

Make use of an email lookup tool to find out your prospects email address.  

For instance, is one such tool that operates based on an artificial intelligence algorithm. I hope that was helpful. 

Determine your site’s keyword rankings 

The “Performance” report in Google Search Console covers many of the fundamental pieces of data you will need for SEO. One of these is a list of “queries” generated by the tool, which are the keywords for which your site and pages are currently ranking. 

Examine your performance report 

You will be able to examine how your organic ranks change over time by using the performance report that comes with Google Search Console.  

T This analysis will also show you which search phrases are most likely to bring up your website, as well as which pages on your site have the best and worst metrics.  

The aim is to look for any red signals, such as wrong keywords or pages that are unlikely to be clicked, and then alter those pages to improve your SEO traffic. 

Look at the messages in the Google Search Console  

The Messages section of Google is an inbox where you can receive notifications from the search engine about any issues with your rankings. 

A good part of this is that Google will usually provide resources to fix the issues.  

It is never enjoyable to wake up to errors and alarms, but the earlier you review Google’s messages and take measures to correct the issue pages, the better. 

Determine which pages should be linked internally 

Google’s Search Console is a proactive tool as well as a reactive one. 

Strategic SEOs analyze the search console to find pages with high-ranking potential and produce content to support them. 

Consider including a few relevant links in your next blog post to increase internal linking. 

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Concluding thoughts 

As discussed in this article, Google Search Console is a service that is available for free and provides a variety of information regarding your website. This information is vital for your Search Engine Optimization efforts. 

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