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What Skills Does an iOS Programmer Need?

What Skills Does an iOS Programmer Need?

The world of programming is an ever-changing marvel to behold. Developers of all languages must stay sharp with industry standards, all while keeping an eye on new, up-and-coming languages that often simplify previous methods of writing code.

Essential iOS Programming Skills

Mastering a programming language isn’t all that’s involved in securing success as a beginner. Below, you will find a few principles to keep in mind if you’re seeking a career in this field.


Being a good communicator is essential for any successful relationship but especially important within programming. Many times, you will be working on a team rather than doing an assignment all by yourself. It’s important to include comments in your work to inform others what your code does and what changes you’ve made. It’s also essential for you to identify what it is that your client is looking for so that you can accurately create a product to their specifications.


Whether starting fresh or jumping into an ongoing project, a quick Google search will be your best friend for applying solutions. Do remember that thousands of programmers have taken the same steps that you are taking now. This means that scrolling through Github or Stack Overflow threads for examples of organizing your code, or googling the error message that your console keeps flagging, will save you valuable time and frustration. Every question that comes up has an answer, and even if not directly solved by the first or second thread you find, the relevant information you find will likely assist with solving the issue.


The best code is both functional to the software and readable to the people working on it. Seek out real-life examples often to see how experts write them and what they do. Doing this will help you with writing your own scripts down the line. Few disappointments will top putting your passion into a project, only to realize that you could have streamlined and beautified the end product if you hadn’t forgone the plentiful advice that is available to you online.

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Every future programmer has to decide which language to learn first. You’ll be happy to know that once you get the hang of one, the others are much easier to master. Here are a few languages for iOS programmers to consider:

  • Swift

Apple Inc. released Swift in 2014, and developers use it to program apps on iOS compatible systems, Apple TV, and Mac. The company designed its structure with beginners in mind, and updates to user accessibility led to it becoming the industry standard for the iOS developer community by 2018. Compared to Objective-C, which was previously the flagship language for iOS developers, Swift also runs 2.6% faster, so learning it is a wise investment for any beginner programmer of the platform. Both languages are expected in the industry, though, so you may not want to neglect Objective-C once you’ve mastered it.

  • C#

C# is a language developed by Microsoft. While it doesn’t seem that it would be applicable for use in the iOS setting, a plugin from Visual Studio makes work written in C# compatible with iOS apps and Mac products. In this way, utilizing C# enables developers to build apps in both Android and iOS without picking up a new language.

Do You Have What It Takes?

It takes a few qualities to constitute a skilled iOS developer. In addition to mastering the ins and outs of a programming language, an experienced developer will employ effective organization techniques in projects, be an effective communicator, and know where to look for help when work issues sprout up.

According to industry experts, despite hard skills like coding, testing, and the ability to stick to visual product guidelines, the iOS software development process requires self-reliance, proactivity, exceptional planning skills, and critical thinking. The goal of this process is to construct an interactive, stable, and secure environment that doesn’t allow users to accidentally override operating system functionality.
Marrying the beauty and simplicity of iOS with the power and drive of an open-source development platform, a top-notch iOS app-sourcing company can help to create a unique digital experience that engages customers in the ways that matter most.

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