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The Best Language Apps To Learn For Kids

Language Apps To Learn For Kids

For most of us who work from home, it’s working from home, and while doing so, I’m sure that the children at home are running around in a wild way. It’s OK to have fun and play; however, time spent in the sun can also be utilized for studying. Even though we’re not sure when schools will start and what technology will be used to teach language exchange websites basics to children in preschool, it is a great alternative. Here are the top apps for learning languages for Kids.

Montessori Kindergarten

If you’re searching for an application that can do more than simply teach alphabets. If that’s the case, it’s an app that your child ought to try. It’s a great learning program that has been approved to be used by Montessori teachers. What I love most about this app is that it comes with an extensive curriculum. It allows you to select topics like mathematics, English, drawing, and even lessons in practical skills like knowing the time, learning to interpret the calendar, etc. While most of these classes are entirely free to use, there are some subscription classes. I wouldn’t suggest signing up just for fun; however, I’m sure that your child can benefit from the lessons.


italki is a platform to take classes in a language directly from the tutor. Thousands of private professional tutors on italki offer courses. They determine their scheduled costs; they have their own experience and qualifications and come from worldwide. Also you can visit for language training.

An untrue comparison is an idea that italki can be compared to Airbnb, while the typical language schools operate more like hotels.

italki doesn’t provide classes, but its instructors use the platform to facilitate courses. The payment is processed through italki, and classes are usually held via Skype However, alternatives like WeChat, FaceTime, and other options are available.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a severe learning program developed together with Stanford Graduate School of Education and has received numerous Parents’ Choice Awards. Sign-in is required to access the app and keep track of your child’s performance. The language section is vast, and interactive games are played to teach children about words, alphabets, and vowels. There are also lessons about how you can write letters with an interactive tracing system, similar to the newspaper. Drawing boards can be an excellent activity if your child gets bored. The greatest thing about it is that it’s graphically absolutely free, contains no advertisements, and no-cost subscription.

Lingokids Play Learning App

This app is based on the content of Oxford University Press. It is necessary to sign in to the app and select your child’s level of proficiency to get a customized English course before beginning. For instance, if he can read single words, simple sentences, or speak fluently. The lessons cover the fundamentals. There are exercises for numbers and alphabets, colors, shapes, and other essential tasks. To ensure that you are learning at a steady pace, you can create reminders for practice so that learning never stops.

Get English For Children – The First Words

Children learn a lot of language from their environment and have a limited vocabulary, to begin with. This app assists them in developing their vocabulary by playing games, sound effects animations, flashcards, and animations. Start by choosing the category you want to be in, such as vehicles, animals, or others. So you will view the image within the type you select and the pronunciation. Personally, I believe that children will see the most things around the house, and it’s simple for children to engage and gain knowledge. However, there is one drawback: there are banner ads on the bottom, which can be removed at $0.99.

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Bolo can be described as a “voice-activated” program by Google. It uses a tutorbot named “Diya,” making this like a one-on-one tutoring experience. It allows you to read the sentence aloud and receive a live score. It’s a fantastic method and encourages children to learn the languages from time to time. The app primarily comprises Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, etc. There is also the option to choose English only. It’s packed with engaging activities like stories, a mix of words, and speed reading. This application isn’t suitable for kids who are just starting to learn the alphabet. However, your child may already comprehend and form the meaning of words. Start this now!

Unuhi: Bilingual Books For Kids

The app was developed at The University of Oxford; Unuhi is an app that employs an approach to teaching bilinguals using flashcards and stories to teach. All you have to download is install the app and choose two languages. You can switch your language at any point and download your reports for offline reading. The app doesn’t require registration; however, most flashcards and stories must be purchased to read them in all their entirety. If your kids like listening to stories. There’s an option for narration in this situation, which can speak words in the two languages.

Closing Notes

These interactive games are great for kids to play and learn without becoming bored. The apps cover everything from the basics of English proficiency to reading. Therefore, you can test the various apps and possibly create a list of your favorites. Apps that your child can use for an integrated approach. Combining and coordinating these apps will make an excellent program for your child’s language development. Download the app and let your child test it out for themselves. This is my top list of the top games for learning languages for children.

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