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Why Is It Important To Analyze The Statistics Of Your Instagram Account

Why Is It Important To Analyze The Statistics Of Your Instagram Account

Nowadays quite a few people have Instagram blogs, but not all of them think about how important it is to constantly analyze their profile statistics. Often bloggers forget about it and just post content day in and day out. However, such a careless approach leads to the fact that the audience activity in an account drops, and they do not understand what this is connected with. When the author does not know the reason for the decline in interest in his content, he naturally cannot stop this process. In this article, you will learn why you should constantly monitor statistics.

Why the audience is not active

Usually, when bloggers see that their audience is not active on their profile and starts to unsubscribe, they often buy Instagram followers right away, because they see this as the only way out. However, you should not rush, despite the fact that this option is really effective. First of all, you need to look at the statistics of all your posts and see at what point the subscribers became less interested in your publications.

Perhaps the problem is that the content has become monotonous and has ceased to amaze readers. In this case, you should radically change the content of posts and try to introduce some new formats. Also, the problem may be that your publications are poorly designed in terms of design. It is important for users that pictures and videos are bright and eye-catching. If they don’t like your design, they will most likely unsubscribe and you will have to buy real Instagram followers. In order not to resort to this method right away, you can invite a specialist who will help you decorate your account.

In addition, bloggers often forget that in order to increase activity, it is necessary to constantly upload Stories so that subscribers are immediately notified of new posts and your plans for future work. In Stories, you can tell both personal information about yourself and announce the next posts or videos.

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How to analyze statistics

To find out why subscribers have stopped communicating with you, go to Instagram help. There you can find a section with your account statistics and understand it. First, take a look at the overall activity of your audience in recent times. If you are seeing a sharp decline, then analyze all the posts. You need to find out which posts are the most popular and which are not interesting to people.

After that, you can make a survey for your subscribers in Stories to finally find out their opinion about which content is interesting to them. This will help you build a dialogue with the audience and find out the wishes firsthand. You can also organise a live stream where you ask the audience questions and answer their questions. This often saves subscribers’ activity. 

If you begin to lose viewer activity, then immediately try to find out the reason for this and fix this problem. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to regain interest in your account. All in your hands!

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