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Best Home Décor Artificial Plants To Buy For Your Interiors

Artificial Plants

Wish to include greenery to your home’s interiors but do not want all the fuss of keeping and maintaining a live plant? A wide range of life-like home décor artificial plants from reputed online décor stores like Pure Home & Living will be a great compromise.

If you are fond of nature but do not have ample time and efforts to maintain a full-fledged garden in your home’s interiors, then selecting some beautiful artificial plants is an impressive alternative. Owning artificial plants in your home décor eliminates the stress of forgetting to water your green friends. At the same time, it also implies that you can position greenery in almost any corner of the house without worrying whether your plant is receiving ample sunlight or water.

What Are The Best Artificial Or Fake Plants To Buy Now?

While faux plants can appear slightly expensive in comparison to real plants, they are a great option for all looking to include some greenery into the interiors without adding the overall workload. Here are some great options for home décor artificial plants that you need to invest in right now:

1. Artificial Ivy Leaf Spray

Delightful blossoms with contrasting Ivy Leaf Sprays depict pure harmony in a beautiful vase. Decorate every nook & corner of your house with attractive bouquets and relish the natural beauty all around.

This artificial version of the plant is almost indistinguishable from the real version. You can shop from the latest range of this artificial plant available online. This plant is assured to spruce up any empty space.

2. Green Faux Cactus

The stunning combination of light green and dark green is the prime factor that makes cactus unique from all other similar variants. Moreover, if you select a beautiful potted planter to place the artificial plant, it will definitely offer your home décor a notch up.

3. Artificial Ivy White Blown Flower Plant

The plant is famous for its contrasting off-white leaves. The stunning appearance of the plant makes it a great choice to select for your home décor. As you place a pot of Artificial Ivy White Blown Flower Plant in your home, it will instantly lighten up the dull corners of the house in an effortless fashion. A plain black planter will effectively complement the artificial plant while also not stealing the highlight.

4. Green Artificial Seagrass Plant

There is so much to talk about the overall beauty and elegance of this faux plant. The name Artificial Seagrass depicts the unique color combination of the leaves as they shade away beautifully between varying hues of green. The plant appears strikingly attractive and perfect for decorating different corners of your home.

5. Artificial Green Pu Leaf Spray

If your house does not have access to ample natural light to maintain a healthy and happy plant, this beauty from the category of artificial plants  is an impressive substitute. Its textured leaves and vibrant color make this plant appear extra realistic.

6.  Pink Faux Tulip Spray

There is no denying the overall beauty and charm of flowers in any home décor. The elongated green stems in combination with broad leaves at the base and stunningly colorful tulip flowers at the top will beautify all corners effortlessly. It can also be regarded as one of the best artificial plants you can place at your home’s entrance passage.

7. Green Faux Bonsai Plant

Dark green leaves are elegantly covered on the edges with interesting patterns. The stem of the plant is stuffed with leaves from top to the bottom. There is no denying the fact that an artificial Bonsai Plant is a highly sought-after indoor artificial plant. A classic green planter or pot helps in maintaining the beauty of the artificial plant.

8. Green Faux Ponytail Palm

Real palm plants are also quite popular as far as home décor is concerned. The artificial version of the Ponytail Palm Plant is quite a soothing and aesthetic blessing for your eyes. The manner in which leaves emerge from the base of the plant while spreading out across 360 degrees appears quite poetic. When this artificial plant appears so beautiful, you should incorporate them in a stunning planter at the same time.

9. Green Faux Aloe Plant

This artificial plant might be down on the list, still it is one of the most favorite choices of most homeowners. The scattering of vibrant shades across the broad leaves of the plant creates an aura that appeals all. Irrespective of the corner of the house you place this artificial plant in, it will end up beautifying the space.


Make way for a great home décor as you bring home the best range of beautiful artificial plants. Get the best collection of home décor artificial plants at a leading online store like Pure Home & Living and elevate the interiors of your house effortlessly. 

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