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DIY Home Décor Tips for DIYers

DIY Home Décor Tips for DIYers

Professional interior or home decorators are aware of how to play up to your house’s maximum strength and ensure that it looks appealing not just to you but also to the people who visit you. So, we spoke to several home decorators and home DIYers, and based on our discussion, we have come up with some excellent tips to revamp your home with different things like wall color, art sets, furniture, etc.

Start with the front door

Every homeowner wishes to make an excellent first impression. You can do it by working on your front door. Give it a fun and glossy hue. In many cultures, a red door means welcome. So, you can place a beautiful reef aquarium at the main door as a sign of a warm welcome. Even in the churches, you will find a red door, which represents a safe place. If not red, you could also opt for colors like yellow or orange. Both of these colors give out a feeling of warmth and joy. So, let go of your dull and outdated door. It is time you redo it with a storm door. You can also add a life-size glass to add more character to the door. 

Keep the wall color neutral and light

When you decide to paint the walls, it is best to stick to light and neutral colors, such as gray and beige, advises Fendy, an online chemistry tutor. The idea is to keep jarring transitions in your house to the bare minimum. The light-hued or neutral walls assure you of great flexibility when it comes to decorating your home. When you go simple with the colors, you can easily play more with the accessories. 

Moreover, if there are two small-sized rooms in your house, which are located just adjacent to each other, you can paint them both in one neutral tone. It can make them appear and feel larger. 

Sofa and the chairs

When you put together the furniture in the living room, it is essential to pick pieces that give a sense of intimacy and balance, says a DIY home decorating expert, Jasmine, who also offers PHP assignment help to young students. 

A common mistake that most people make here is that they push all the furniture against the wall. Usually, people do this because they feel that it can make the room look bigger. However, in reality, it is the opposite that is true. So, if you float the furniture away from the place, it will seem a bit larger, and not the other way round. A choice of a good slipcover or chair cover with the right color and pattern would perfectly keep the balance between your living room and your seating furniture.

Sunshine in the kitchen

If you have outdated and heavy drapes covering your windows, we recommend getting rid of them immediately. Please bear in mind, a naked bank of windows is far better than an unpleasant one. At all times, your window dressing must be both elegant and functional. You can consider sheers paired with those full-length panels.

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If the room gets a good degree of sun, you should go with lighter hues that do not fade. You can opt for lightweight fabrics for panels, such as silk blends, linen, and cotton, as they hang nicely. 

One mirror in every room

Adding a mirror to the room makes it seem bigger as the mirror bounces the light across the room, says Rhea, who offers assignment help Darwin services. Well, that is true, but if you place the mirror in the wrong spot, it can be just as bad as not having a mirror. Ensure that you add mirrors on the walls that are perpendicular to the windows, and not just across them. When you hang a mirror on the wall opposite the window, the light right bounces back out of the window.  

Scale artwork to the wall

Some things are a lot more hideous looking than simply hanging dinky little art high up the wall. For hanging pictures on the wall, always remember that the picture’s center should be eye level. What to do when you have two individuals in the house, and one is short, and the other is tall? Average the heights and then hang the picture. 

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Additionally, it would help if you considered scale. So, for a large wall, you can opt for a vast oversized piece or a cluster of some smaller pieces like in a gallery. And for the smaller wall, ensure that there is not a lot of space between the two pictures. Keep a maximum of two to four inches between the items. 

Layer the lighting

In every room, there must be three different types of lighting that offer overall illumination. It mostly comes via the ceiling fixtures. It includes the accent or a reading nook that is mainly decorative and highlights the artwork or the task that is primarily seen over the kitchen island. 

There must be a minimum of three watts or 42 lumens for every square foot in a living room. You can also use uplights. When you place a torchiere or a canister uplight in the corner, it casts a light on the ceiling. This will give an illusion of a larger room.

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