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8 Decor Tips for Bathroom Design

Decor Tips for Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in homes. Owing to their sizes, designing them can be a challenging task for homeowners. But then, the small size can also be good as it saves homeowners money as they do not need to purchase as many materials as when working on other rooms.

However, giving your bathroom a new look isn’t as easy as it may sound. You can do many things to ensure that your bathroom looks as good as you desire. This article looks at some bathroom design ideas that you can implement to bring new life to this essential part of your home.

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1. Hardware and Faucet Upgrades

Changing the hardware in your bathroom is one of the best ways to upgrade it. It is also one of the easiest and quickest ways to renovate your bathroom. Some of the hardware you can change in the bathroom include drawer pulls, bathroom faucets, toilet paper holders, etc.

You only need to find the proper hardware to give your bathroom a modern look. The rest is unscrewing what already exists and fitting in new items. One way to ensure that you get everything right is making sure that the replacements have similarly sized hole spacings.

There are also many things to replace depending on your bathroom type.

For example, let’s say you are having a clawfoot tub in your bathroom. Clawfoot tubs are luxurious bathtubs that come in different sizes, materials, shapes, styles, and finishes. For instance, you may have clawfoot tubs with showers or without. Making sure you buy the right fittings for your bathtub type is essential.

2. DIY Fresh Bathroom Paint

Wall décor can also change the entire look of your bathroom. If your bathroom paint is fading, you should consider freshly repainting it to improve the look of your bathroom. One great idea to consider is using light colors to make small bathrooms look big.

Ensure that the color you choose for your bathroom walls matches the rest of the décor. For instance, you should try to match the wall colors with items like bathtubs. The style of your decor also can dictate the wall color you choose. An excellent example is when having a vintage clawfoot bathtub in a bathroom.

3. New Bathroom Flooring

The next thing to consider when designing your bathroom is flooring. There are various options to consider when it comes to bathroom flooring. An excellent example of affordable yet good-looking bathroom floors is the vinyl floor planks with different patterns and wood species.

One reason to choose vinyl floors is that they are waterproof and perfect for bathrooms. Vinyl floors blend perfectly with different décor. This makes them highlight bathroom items better than other floor types.

4. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures
Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can get outdated and need replacement. It is one way of transforming the look of your bathroom into a modern one. The good thing about lighting fixtures is the wide variety of options that one has. You can choose from different lighting styles and also various energy-saving options too.

You need a professional to help you fix the new lighting fixtures. But then, you can also DIY with some guidance as improving lighting isn’t as technical as one may think. If your bathroom has a bathtub, choose warm lighting to make it easy to spend more time in the bathroom without eye strains. It’ll be easier on your eyes when you relax and enjoy soaking in your bathtub.

5. Add Storage in your Bath

Bathroom storage is one thing many people forget when designing these essential rooms. But then, storage is as necessary for the bathroom as it is in other rooms. There are various ways to add or increase storage in your bathroom, including having a cabinet with pull-out drawers.

If you have a bathtub in the bathroom and little space to spare, you may consider some other ways to maximize space. For instance, you can use floating wall shelving, wall-mounted baskets, etc. This is an easy weekend upgrade that can bring a fresh look to your bathroom and improve organization.

6. Bathroom Wall Art

You may spend a lot of time in the bathroom, especially if you have a bathtub. It can be boring to stare at blank walls the entire time, making it essential to decorate the walls with various wall art. Wall arts for bathrooms come water-resistant, making them last long and worth considering.

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Thus, if you invest in a modern bathtub, think about the surroundings in your bathroom too. Wall arts are not expensive but some of the cheapest additions you can make to your bathroom décor. If possible, consider making the artwork by yourself with inspiration from internet tutorials.

7. Repurpose Accents and Accessories

Your bathroom design should include a few accents and accessories. Although some accessories may seem small, they are essential in the bathroom and could bring freshness. For instance, having live houseplants in the bathroom can be a great idea.

You can also consider including accessories such as soap dishes, waste buckets, etc. The good thing is that you can repurpose some of these items from other rooms instead of purchasing new ones. Thus, you may not have to start from scratch with accents and accessories.

8. Bath Tile Dupes

Bath Tile Dupes
Bath Tile Dupes

Tiles can get boring with time, and one may want to replace them. However, replacing an entire room’s tiles can be a tedious and expensive project. If you are unhappy with your bathroom tiles, it is best to cover them with removable adhesive tiles.

The good thing about removable adhesive tiles is that they are easy to install. Besides, they look like actual tiles, and no one will note what you have done with your tiles. You can also choose different colors, but ensure that tile color matches the colors of bathroom items.


You do not need to do a complete makeover to have the bathroom of your dreams. There are a few budget-friendly upgrades that you can make to add new life to it. All it needs is a little creativity and effort and you’ll have a fresh new look for your bathroom!

This article has explored some ideas you can keep in mind when updating the bathrooms in your home. You don’t have to apply all of them at one time. It’s a fun process to DIY some of these improvements on the weekends. Once all of them are finished, you’d be surprised by the results, considering how little you’ve spent on it.

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