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The Marketer’s Repertoire Of Freshly Baked CTA Tips That Will Convert! 

CTA Tips That Will Convert! 

So you have lapped up every page of Philip Kotler’s bible on marketing yet feel lost in a maze of never-ending competition, dwindling attention spans, and that ever-increasing bounce rate on your email marketing campaigns? 

Those low conversion rates give sleepless nights to the best of us, and we often wonder if we are shooting our best arrows in the dark. You may have the best copywriter, designers, coders, and creative minds on your marketing team. Still, the purpose will remain unserved unless you manage to lure your target audience into reading and acting upon your copies across marketing channels.  (Also Know About How To Protect Your Skin With Fashionable Clothing Pieces)

Be it search or push channels such as email, you need the right, catchy, quirky, subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle call to action that propels the intended audience into action. 

To set the ball rolling, we have put together a cute albeit lethal repertoire of tips and tricks to help you craft CTAs that will convert! 

Ready to slay? Here we go!

Understanding The Journey Towards Crafting Better CTAs

If you belong to the “Click here” or “Read more” tribe, then you need to up your CTA game by a couple of notches. Soak in some stats before we get to the whole idea behind executing and crafting the best-in-class CTAs. 

  • To quote Ellie Mirman, VP of Marketing at Toast, “Emails with a Single Call-to-Action Increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%.”
  • According to studies, well-placed CTAs increased revenue from marketing channels by a cool 83%.


The main purpose behind adding a clickable CTA is to get the right people to your landing page where the conversion will materialize. You need to tell them the exact reason or benefit they (the prospective customer) can gain from clicking that sparkly button. This is exactly why a “click here” just doesn’t make the cut since it doesn’t outline the benefit or the outcome of the process of clicking. 

Remember, adding that CTA in your email aims to get people to your website and engage with its offerings. Though the CTA copy and button are not the only weaponry in your marketing arsenal, they are quite unmissable because they set the ball rolling and make way for the sweet sound of cha-ching in your bank accounts! (Excited to know about 4 Shoe Styles That Are Trending In The Fashion World)

Tried & Tested CTAs To Craft Better CTAs

Deploy The Power Of Action Verbs.

To iterate, a well-crafted, well-written call to action aims to get the subscriber to spring into action. When you crack the code for the right action verb for your brand’s CTA, you open the portal to steady conversions. 

If you own a B2B SaaS-based company, you could try active CTAs like “Sign up for awesomeness” or “Claim your 30-day free trial”. For e-commerce ventures, CTAs like “Buy fresh style now” or “Add to Cart” make a whole lot of sense.  

Create FOMO

Come the Holiday season; we witness a deluge of Black Friday sales emails or Cyber Monday funk it-up cray cray deals. An interesting common element in these season-driven emails is a sense of urgency in the CTAs. 

Time-limited deals, when done right and with a genuine intent to deliver good deals at crazy prices, can draw in the crowds by the dozen. CTAs like “Limited Period Offer,” etc. 

However, the trick is to find the right balance between using and overusing these urgency-driven tactics. When your campaigns and CTAs spill into the second category, your brand tends to bear the brunt of it on account of eroded customer trust. 

Get Creative With Your CTA Copies & Design

Contrary to delivering a play-by-the-rulebook approach, there is always room for breathing in some fresh and innovative quirk in your CTA copy.  If you can wrap your creative souls around your brand tone and voice and come up with quirky, humorous copy that makes people hit the buy button, you my friend, have won. 

 A case in point is a brand that sells bamboo TP and sends funny email CTA copies that had us reaching for the tissues (because, hey, we were laughing so hard!). Check this out ~ “Who Gives A Crap: ‘Where can I buy TP?’

Yeah, a hell lot better and funnier than “Locate a store near me.” You get the drift.

Appeal To A Person’s Sense And Sensibilities, Not To Those Of A Crowd

They say when you cater to a crowd, you appeal to none. Ok, that’s impromptu and totally made up, but it holds weight. B2B company emailers often give off a very mechanic vibe. The idea is to strike the right chord with the person who is reading the email and not with the other business in general. Get that right, and the chances of getting a company-level buy-in get that much brighter! Try using CTAs that show the benefit that the reader stands to gain from clicking on it, and voila, you have just served yourself a prospective lead! 


On that note, we rest our virtual pens and take a moment to thank you for making it to the end! The value that you have gained till now stands to double if you are looking for premium Hubspot email templates at affordable prices because, at Email Uplers, we live and love everything email. Hit us up ow for some real email awesomeness! (Interesting Topics For You Importance of Brand logo in the Fashion Industry)

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