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FastPeopleSearch Review – The 100% Free People Search


There are some people finder sites that are 100 percent free to use and can be used as a people lookup search engine to dig up information on someone you know, a stranger, or even yourself.

When you run a people search on such platforms, you find all sorts of data on the person, starting from their full name, phone number, family and relative details, work history, friends, criminal record, if any, and so on.

When using a people search engine, the quality and consistency of the results generated are important, especially when you make use of a free platform. Hence, we recommend FastPeopleSearch which offers its search service completely free and presents accurate information when you use it to search for an old friend or a distant relative. FastPeopleSearch has been highly rated by its users to search for people for free and we are not surprised as we have used the platform ourselves to test it and its features, as mentioned below.

A Brief of FastPeopleSearch:

FastPeopleSearch is a people search engine that can offer accurate information about a person along with their personal information, criminal record, court records, contact information, social media, and much more.

We can use it not just to connect with people but for background checks too. For example, if a new neighbor has moved in recently or you are meeting a Tinder date, you can learn all about their background using the FastPeopleSearch platform’s background check option. It uses information from federal, state, and country data sources.

FastPeopleSearch also offers other great tools like reverse lookups using phone numbers, addresses, or email IDs. Keep in mind that the service is completely free, hence no information is held back for premium users like in other paid platforms. The data is collected from public records, which makes it pretty accurate, and their advanced algorithm can process through the vast database and produce the results page in a few minutes. Visit FastPeopleSearch to find out more about this people search engine.

What You Can Know From FastPeopleSearch?

FastPeopleSearch generates a comprehensive report of the person you are looking for and offers you detailed information that includes the following information.

  • Phone Number Identity
  • Court Records
  • Background Check
  • Age and Date of Birth
  • Relatives
  • Contact Numbers
  • Current Address
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Sex Offender Data
  • Arrest Records
  • Vital Records
  • Criminal Records

How Can I Find a Person Using FastPeopleSearch?

FastPeopleSearch is the simplest people search engine available online today that can be used to find a person you have been looking for using the following simple steps.

Step 1: Go to FastPeopleSearch and choose the people to search option in the menu.

Step 2: Enter the first and last name of the person you are looking for. Ensure the name you enter is accurate or else the result generated will not be right.

Step 3: Enter the city or the location details if you know about it to make your search more focused.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Start Search’ button.

Step 4: Go through the fetched results and select the most relevant results to view the details.

Step 5: If it generates no results, recheck the information entered and redo the search.

Pros And Cons Of Using FastPeopleSearch:


  • Best people finder tool in the market which offers background checks.
  • Offers completely free services.
  • All the details compiled on the FastPeopleSearch results are collected from public records, public profiles, and other third-party sources. The data is pretty accurate, as they use public records to update their database.
  • A huge database of criminal and court orders
  • They offer multiple tools, including reverse lookups.


  • Available for US-only.
  • The accuracy and absoluteness of the data are not 100% guaranteed. However, FastPeopleSearch strives to do its best to keep the data as accurate as possible.

Why Should You Choose FastPeopleFirst?

1. To Conduct a People Search:

FastPeopleSearch can be used for people searching by entering the complete name of the person you are searching for that will fetch you accurate information from various sources that too free of cost. They do not withhold any information from you as all their services are free of cost as well.

2. You can Find People Faster:

FastPeopleSearch is not just accurate and free to use but also can generate people search results in seconds to a few minutes. Their robust platform collects information in the blink of an eye to make the process easier and faster for you.

3. It is an Accurate People Finder:

FastPeopleSearch ensures the utmost accuracy in the records they display for your people search queries. They collect the information from reliable sources where accuracy is guaranteed.

4. Offers a Massive Database:

Their software collects data from multiple database sources that include public records, social media, and third-party sources that result in a vast database. Also, the results are up-to-date as they fetch real-time data from these sources every time.

Is FastPeopleSearch Safe To Use?

FastPeopleSearch is absolutely safe to use as the data transmission that happens with their servers is encrypted. They do not collect data from either of their users, which is why they do not prompt you to even log in to the website. Your search queries are not stored in their database, hence your search is done discreetly.

Even the data they collect for people’s search purposes are not saved on their servers but stored with their PCI-certified partners who ensure there will never be an issue of data theft. So using FastPeopleSearch services is 100% safe and secure.


Though websites that charge a premium rate to help you find a person may be legit and do a good job, why would you want to spend money on it when you can get the same and even better services for free? When you pay to get these services, you will have to log in to the website, which is a hassle in itself and the site can start storing the personal information that you have shared with them.

With FastPeopleSearch, you do not have to log in to start using people’s search, hence you are not sharing your information with them, anyway. Your search also remains discreet and helps protect your privacy.

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