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Easy Ways To Track Phone Of Your Partner For Free

Track Phone Of Your Partner

Relationships would have been entirely different if everything in life was as simple as locating a smartphone by number. However, unfortunately, we’re not always on the same page and fully trust each other, because of which we require cell phone monitoring. Besides, more people are using solutions offered by modern technology for how to track the mobile phones of wives or husbands, monitor employees, and track partners through their mobile phone numbers.

Find phone numbers efficiently and quickly.

To ensure the secret operations and most manageable steps, this blog tends to provide a reliable app for all Android users to track their phones. Here, the smartphone gets an upgrade and becomes one of the phone locator devices. Meanwhile, the principle is elementary; the application works through the GPS location from the BTS station. Regardless of the option, you select, you can seamlessly find the location. The essential thing is that the software can track the mobile phones of your husband or wife or find their stolen smartphone.

Find phone numbers

This does not end here. When our device is lost or stolen, tracking the number can also be useful, even though this situation is not uncommon. At times, after attending a brief gathering, one might question the availability of their phone the following day? Using a unique location software can quickly allow you to get the data about the stolen phone’s network access. As a result, installing location software on smartphones can solve several problems. 

How to track and locate your partner’s phone?

Do you wish to know where your partner is at the moment or need a professional tool to monitor their activities? If that is the case, the software can run secretly without them discovering it. Besides, when it comes to managing or monitoring employees, the application will enable you to manage them more effectively, optimize travel costs and efficiency, and accommodate easier supervision.

But, that’s only for employees. And, we are not talking about employees here. Locating a smartphone is nothing more than knowing the geographic coordinates of your partner’s phone. There are several ways to acquire accuracy of up to some meters to check the location. Know that every smartphone is assigned with an International Mobile Equipment Identity. However, to locate the device, you should use it in a GPS network and connect it to the so-called BTS, which is again related to the mobile phone range. 

What’s the positioning software function?

  • Route tracking – record taken by the device
  • Phone tracking – phone location through GPS or BTS
  • Accuracy – Phone number location tool can determine accuracy up to 10 meters
  • Anonymity – Access panel and Security is protected by login and password 
  • Save location – automatically every 5 minutes
  • Phone location – you can check the location of your partner’s phone
  • Simple operation – simple operation, intuitive panel, mobile phone positioning is operated through the Internet

How to use the phone location through the app

phone location through the app

The Android Device Manager is present to users who have Android system devices. Like other apps mentioned, you can find it on the Google Play Store. As simple as it can be, you only need to register your Google account and login in a way similar to your Gmail mailbox. However, if one wishes to check the location of their partners in such a way, the importance of physical access to the second device is essential. After completing such steps, one can access Google Maps to determine the location of your partner.

In addition to these location services, Cerberus also offers other exciting features. Meanwhile, if someone has unauthorized access to your SIM card, you can switch on the alert.

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What does the study say?

Can someone track you as you drive around your town or city? This is one of the most asked questions by the general public who want to track their partners. You might think of turning off your smartphone’s location to prevent this, but Northeastern University in Boston scholars stated that this isn’t always the case. “Not many people are aware of such a problem. Primarily because when you think about locations, we tend to associate it with the phone’s GPS,” said Sashank Narain, who is a postdoctoral researcher at the university.

In this test, Narain and his scholars could track people driving through Waltham, Massachusetts, Boston, and London. Standard locators, like GPS, were turned off in these situations — so the researchers used various other sensors. “The objective of the project was to make people aware that vulnerabilities like these exist, and they must be taken care of,” Narain stated.

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