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Things To Take Care Of While Selling Old Phone

Selling Old Phone

The global smartphone market to end-users in 2020 was 1.38 billion USD. This isn’t surprising since almost all of us have a smartphone nowadays and we’re all comfortable with exchanging our old phones for newer and updated versions.

If you too wish to sell your old smartphone, here are some things that you must take care of during the process.

1. Backup your data

The first thing you have to do is save backups of your app data like games, contacts, messages, or mail. Anything and everything that you may use on a daily basis, including documents in Google drive or even Google Photos should be backed up by going to the settings of your phone.

From settings, go to account and select Google. Next, select your Google account and sync whatever you need to store. It is also advisable to backup your wifi passwords or other settings. Go to settings > backup and reset > device backup. From here, you can also back up to the drive.

2. Back up photos and videos

Probably one of the most important things to do before selling your old phone is to backup your photos and videos, or any other media.

When you sell and trade in your phone online, you must always make sure your photos or videos don’t fall into the wrong hands. You may have screenshots of bank-related documents, saved passwords, or sensitive content.

For backing up photos, Google Photos is a good option. You can even save the photos and videos on your laptop or computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth. Your phone’s DCIM folder contains all the photos. Copy-paste these contents somewhere else and delete the DCIM folder.

3. Data encryption

After you have saved all your data in another device or cloud, it’s time to wipe all the data from your phone. A factory reset is often done, but there are additional steps required too. One thing you can do is encrypt your data, meaning set a password or lock so that others cannot open it easily.

In Android phones, the Android versions of 6.0 and above have this data encryption feature. Go to settings > security > encrypt the phone. If you wish, you may also encrypt the SD card.

4. Disable factory reset

In order to disable the factory reset protection, you will have to remove your Google account(s)  from your phone. Go to settings > accounts and sync > Google, and then select your account. Next, go to the three dots and then remove those accounts.

Other things to keep in mind:

1. Clean your phone

Before you sell the phone to someone, make sure it’s as clean as possible, with minimum scratches or dents. Your customer should get their money’s worth, and a sorry-looking phone gives a bad impression. Wipe your phone gently with a clean cloth inside out.

Use a microfiber cloth and a bit of alcohol to clean the keypad (if any) and screen. Avoid liquids that contain ammonia, as they can severely harm your phone. To clean the insides of your phone, use cotton swabs.

2. Find the right buyer

Finding the right kind of buyer for your phone is extremely necessary. Go online and check out various websites that enable customers to buy or sell old phones at great prices.

Make sure the person buying your phone from you has proper credentials and won’t do anything to harm your privacy by snooping into your phone.

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3. Enlist with the right price

If you have bought your phone for around $1000 USD, you can’t expect it to sell for a price greater than this after 5-6 years. You’ll have to keep in mind that there will be some amount of loss since the price of phones tends to drop after use.

But make sure the buyer gives you a decent amount of money. After all, you do have to make up some part of your cost price. So set a realistic price upon the selling website. If you wish, you can even negotiate with the buyer.

Over to you…

These seven tips are extremely important if you are planning to sell your used phone. Proper removal of personal data is your number one priority here. Remember to back up on any other device, and keep your phone as clean as possible before selling. Look up on Google for websites or ask your near ones to spread the word around.

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