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Fashion For Every Age: Finding Your Style At Any Stage Of Life


Our styles and fashion trends also change as we age, influencing how we establish our style. Below, we discuss how to find your style, no matter your age or chapter of life. 

Find The Must-Haves

Find must-have clothing items to help you bring your style to life. Consider the current trends and the clothing that genuinely makes you feel good about yourself. Make a list of these must-have items and start shopping!

Prioritize Your Comfort

Always prioritize your comfort regardless of your age or what chapter of life you’re in. When finding your style, you won’t get very far without factoring in your comfort.

It might be nice to wear heels on a special occasion, but wearing shoes like that daily will result in chaffed ankles and sore feet.

Prioritize your comfort; wear the best Mary Janes to create a more formal look and style your clothes based on your own personal aesthetic.

Shop For Quality Items

Finding your style is about making the most of and getting the most out of your wardrobe. Make sure that the clothes you see are made to last. Build a wardrobe composed of stylish items that are high quality.

The better the quality of the clothes, the longer they will last, and the more use you’ll get out of your clothing, should you choose to include pieces in your style as the years pass. This way, you can get the most out of your wardrobe staples (and your money).

Don’t Let Your Age Define You

Whether you’re eighteen, feeling the pressure of subscribing to specific fashion trends, or eighty-eight and feeling too old to wear the clothes you enjoy, never let your age define you.

You get to decide what clothes make you feel like your best self. Create your style regardless of age, and don’t buy into preconceived notions about what you can and cannot wear because of your age. Finding your style is about finding the clothes that make you feel good, not about what others say about them.

Look At Thrift Stores

Check out your local thrift store for awesome, unique clothing items you can’t find anywhere else. By shopping at places with unique finds, you can create your utterly personal and very own style. Get creative and have fun sorting clothing that speaks to your style.

Get Outside Inspiration

Find inspiration to create your style. Look at fashion magazines, get fashion ideas from friends and family, and work with a stylist if that interests you. The goal is not to copy others but to implement aspects of others’ looks that you love and make them entirely your own.

Ditch The Norms

Don’t worry about what society has to say when finding your style. You’re never too old to feel like your best self, so dress accordingly.

If you’re concerned that you can’t pull off a particular look, ask yourself if this comes from how you feel others will perceive you. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is how you grow in life and elevate your personal style.

Ditch the norms and wear what you want! Finding your style at any stage of life is about embracing what feels right to you. Embracing your personality through fashion will help you develop confidence that shines from within.

Own Your Right To Style Your Way

Finding your style is possible, no matter your age or stage of life. Always stay true to your style and refuse to compromise to meet the expectations of others. At every age and stage, YOU get to decide your fashion style, so own your right and get styling!

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