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11 Tips For Sustainable Fashion In The Era Of 1-week Fashion

Fashion In The Era

When fashion changes every week, you need to have a ‘sustainable wardrobe’. As easy as it sounds, the reality is quite the opposite. To create a sustainable wardrobe so that you do not go in the red, and yet remain on point with fashion, you will need a long-term vision and a plan. We have some useful tips for you that will help you get started. 

Keep Your Wardrobe Organized 

It is advised to first categorize all your belongings (how it suits you best) and then keeps them in the closet accordingly. Even if your wardrobe is squeezed, it should still show you everything you own. This way you will not duplicate your purchases and also have a clear idea of the pairings you can do. 

Be Really Informed 

To make the right decisions, it is very important to possess the right information. If you know when, where, what, and how of shopping, half of your problem is sorted. Harper’s BAZAAR, InStyle, Vogue Magazine, etc. are some of the Instagram pages you should follow, to be well informed about the fashion industry. 

Nothing From Your Wardrobe Belongs to Bin

Just because some outfit is old or not currently in trend, you need not throw it away (Yea! You can always choose to donate them) You can safely store your fashion products in your closet and wait for them to become trendy again (the speed at which fashion changes these days, it probably wouldn’t take long anyways). 

Know How to Pair Right

Owning suitable outfits, accessories, etc. is one thing, but possessing the talent to pair everything just right, is a different ball game altogether. If you possess this talent, you can make non-trendy stuff into trendy ones. 

Be on Social Media for the Right Reasons

You can always follow the social accounts of various top fashion brands and get a lot of inspiration for what new you can do with your wardrobe. Many brands issue promo codes on their social accounts at the time of the new launch; you can grab those codes and grab great discounts (these discounts go off fast, so you will need to keep tabs on these fashion pages). 

You Can Work with Ragged Outfits 

You need not always throw away worn-out or frayed clothes (especially your jeans). You can always use some part of it (maybe the buttons, or a designer patch) to create something new. Alterations and light tailoring are not very difficult if you put your head & heart into them. 

Buy Sustainable Brands

Good brands do come with a heavy price tag, but then the quality also comes along! You can store your branded clothes nicely and they will not be worn out even in ages. Branded clothes do not fade away, and they look as good as new, even after years. 

D-I-Y is the Keyword Here

Your wardrobe would have at least one pair of jeans, or a short or a dress that you can convert into something else (do some embroidery work, add designer patches, etc.) If only you know how; you can convert a scarf into a cute top by wearing it differently! You can just check out some fashion videos and try your hand at creating something new from something you already own. 

Buy Online & Use Coupons

If you are buying your fashion products online and not using discount coupons to make the purchase, then you are missing out on all the amazing cash backs, freebies, and discounts, that are perks of online shopping. You can just connect with some known coupon websites and get your hands, very easily, on workable discount coupons

Shop During Online Sale

Online sale does not always mean that you will buy something that is no more in fashion. If you time your purchase right, you will end up with some really excellent products at dirt cheap prices. You can also set your alarms during the sale, on your go-to fashion online stores like Amazon, Noon, Vogacloset, etc., and buy the products before they are sold out. 

Renting is Right

If you want to wear something specific, to a specific occasion and do not want to spend exorbitantly on your ensemble, then you should consider renting your outfit from one of the online rental stores (like Designer-24). Right from tops, bottoms, accessories, etc. you can rent it all from online rental stores. In fact, there are some stores where you can also get brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Marchesa Notte, etc. (you do not need to own every label, every time).

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