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Escape To The Countryside: Short-term Rentals In Rural Areas For A Peaceful Getaway

Escape To The Countryside

The hurly-burly life of a city is undoubtedly fun, but the constant desire to escape to a peaceful countryside is hard to refute, especially when you have the leisure time to do so.

While the hustle and bustle of the city can be fun to enjoy, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a more peaceful retreat surrounded by nature. In Europe, there are a lot of beautiful getaways to the countryside. One of these locations, Luxembourg, could be your next ideal vacation spot!

So, are you set to experience some relaxed vacations in a vast, open countryside? In this article, we will learn about the short-term rental furnished apartments Luxembourg which can help you make your vacations a little more peaceful. 

Why Luxembourg Is A Perfect Destination To Visit?

Luxembourg is a must-visit location because there is so much to learn and discover in the small country with excellent views and short travel distances. It is a tiny town with strong historical origins, continuously changing and renewing itself in the middle of Europe.

Visit historical sites, enjoy the breathtaking and untamed natural scenery, fairytale palaces, athletic activities, fitness, and entertainment, and explore various cultural experiences. And all this can be done without the stress of waiting in long queues. Moreover, you can also get to know locals who will embrace you with open arms.

Accommodation In Luxemburg

Before visiting any rural destination, people are often worried about accommodation. Undoubtedly, this is the most critical factor that directly affects you during the tour. So in-depth research is needed to find a suitable place to reside. 

In Luxemburg, short-term rentals are quite popular as they are very convenient and affordable for people who come to Luxemburg to spend some peaceful moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Short-Term Rentals

Tourists’ preferred choice right now is short-term rentals. Nowadays, you can locate VRBO and Airbnb accommodations almost anywhere. A hotel typically lacks the warm and comprehensive cultural feel that short-term rentals have. Following are some benefits of choosing a short-term rental over other accommodations:

Fully Furnished

Nearly all short-term rentals are furnished, so renters won’t have to stress purchasing additional furniture and appliances. You’ll not often find a location with everything you need for a cozy stay.


Like owners, renters can also determine when they’d like to reside and depart in agreement with the owner. Additionally, unlike most long-term leases, which obligate renters to remain for at least a year, you are not required to do so. You can reside as long as you want.

A Better Option Than Hotels

Several short-term rentals provide top-notch amenities, roomy accommodations, and an outstanding level of ease at prices that are even better than many hotels.

How To Find A Short-Term Rental?

In the search for a perfect vacation apartment, a quick search engine trawl will reward you with many rental agencies and independent holiday leases. Travelers to Europe might want to look into the possibilities because many offer move-in-ready lodgings on flexible leases for a month, a year, or longer. This will allow you to start exploring the city without delay.

Rental House Prices In Luxembourg

As per the government data, the typical monthly rent in Luxembourg is €876 for a studio residence, €1,400 for an apartment with two bedrooms, and €2,500 for a four-bedroom home.

Additionally, a fee is required in advance for renters in Luxembourg. This typically amounts to two months’ worth of rent, but in some cases, it can be as much as three months. Renters spend about €250 a year in liability coverage.

It’s common to put a rental payment into a designated bank account for the duration of the contract. The money is usually kept in a trust account by the bank, which means it can’t be accessed till both sides concur. If you breach your agreement or harm the asset, the owner may have the right to keep a portion or all of your payment. You can ask the government for financial aid if you lack the money to pay.


A peaceful getaway to a rural area is what we all want in this hectic urban life. And Luxembourg is the ideal location for a relaxing vacation. The availability of short-term rental apartments has made it even more peaceful. You can now relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about accommodation!

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