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Ernest Khalimov’s Height, Personal Details, Death Rumors, And Much More

Ernest Khalimov| Ernest Khalimov Biography| Ernest Khalimov personal life| Ernest Khalimov age

Ernest khalimov is a vastly popular and talented fitness model, bodybuilder, influencer, and entrepreneur in Russia. He also goes by the name Gigachad. Though many people believed that Gigachad is just a fictional character but that is not true. 

Ernest khalimov is famous for his fitness and good looks, due to his popularity he has appeared in my famous brands’ catalogs and shoots. The fitness freak was born and brought up in Moscow and became famous after appearing in Sleek N tears projects. 

There is a lot to know about this famous personality. So, in this article, we will talk about GIgachad’s biography, career, and relationship and we will reveal everything you need to know about this crazy fitness freak. So, keep reading. 

Who is Ernest Khalimov

Ernest khalimov also known as Gigachad was born on March 1 1969 and is currently 52 years old. He is a famous bodybuilder, model, and entrepreneur in Russia

He is currently living in Russia and is operating his business from there. According to some sources, the fitness freak is known to be a Pisces and also follows Christianity.

After his pictures goes viral where he was attempting to clone himself on 24 October 2017. Many of his fans speculated if Gigachad was real or not. But, according to the reports, the bodybuilder confirmed that he is real through an Instagram post uploaded on 24 April 2021.

Ernest Khalimov’s Physical Appearance

Ernest khalimov is known for his physique and weighs around 99kg, this fitness freak is about 6 feet and 8 inches tall and has appeared in many famous brand shoots and catalogs. According to his fans, Ernest khalimov age is 52 years old and has black hair and brown eyes.

Gigachad became famous when people started making memes on his viral photo and many people admired his great physique and perfect jawline.

Ernest Khalimov Education

Well, there is not a lot of information available about his educational qualifications. Most of the information regarding his schooling and education is unknown and the bodybuilder never posts about his past life including where he went to schooling or college.

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Ernest Khalimov Career

Ernest Khalimov Career

Ernest khalimov is a famous bodybuilder, model, and Instagram personality. He rose to fame after his appearance at the Sleek N tear project as a model and got appreciated for his perfect body and jawline.

Just like we mentioned above, Ernest khalimov is not only a famous bodybuilder but is also an entrepreneur. He is widely liked for his looks and personality in Russia and worldwide and got popular among young boys for his excellent physique. 

There were many rumors that Gigachad was not real but all of these rumors were shut down by him through an Instagram post.

Ernest Khalimov’s Net Worth

Though Gigachad aka Ernest Khalimov doesn’t post much on Instagram still, he has an incredible net worth. According to the sources, Gigachad has a net worth of almost one billion US dollars. 

He is very well-liked among the young generation and many boys want to look like him. He is extremely good-looking and is indeed a muscle man. His dedication and work helped him gain a lot of wealth and popularity. 

Though he doesn’t post much on his social, still whatever he posts is well-liked among his fans. He has earned the respect and love of his fans through constant hard work and determination.

Ernest Khalimov Family

Ernest Khalimov is a very private person and this is the reason why not a lot of information is available regarding his family. No one knows a lot about his birth parents or siblings and all of his personal details are still unknown. 

Ernest Khalimov’s Relationship 

Gigachad is intensely focused on his career and life and just like his education status and family, he never shared much about his love life either. 

Though, according to his recent posts, it seems like the famous Sleek N tears model is focused on building himself and doesn’t have time for relationships. He seems to be enjoying his single life and is busy making a name for himself.

His Social Media

Ernest khalimov aka Gigachad goes by the name 1969 on Instagram. The bio of his account says the only account on the network and yes, I heard about the memes you make guys. Most of his income comes from his brand endorsement and modeling that he does online and offline.

The popular bodybuilder has more than 293k followers and has only 18 posts. His posts and content are very well appreciated among his fans and they admire him for his physical fitness and hard work.

According to some sources, the followers he has on his socials and the appearances he makes for various brands are enough to make thousands for him. Other than this, Ernest khalimov has his own businesses and other sources of income as well. 

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Gigachad Death Rumors

Gigachad Death Rumors

There were many rumors that spread about Gigachad’s death. Many people believed that the bodybuilder died in a tragic car accident and these rumors spread like a forest fire. People actually began to believe that he died in a car accident. 

Though, these rumors were put to an end by Gigachad through an Instagram post. He wrote a long post saying that he is healthy and alive and is grateful for his fan’s love and support. 

Even now, Gigachad aka Ernest khalimov is doing really well in his life and is focusing on himself and his career. 

Some Interesting Facts

  • Many people believe that Gigachad is not real because of his perfect body.
  • He got famous after GigaChad memes goes viral.
  • Ernest khalimov is an extremely private person and haven’t shared much about him on his socials.
  • Right after his schooling, he started working as a fitness model.
  • He is loved for his physique

Key Points

  • Gigachad real name is Ernest khalimov
  • Ernest khalimov was born on march 1 1969 in Moscow and is currently 52 years old.
  • The fitness freak became famous after modeling in the Sleek N Tears project.
  • There were rumors about his death that he put to an end through his Instagram post.
  • Ernest khalimov goes by 1969 on Instagram.
  • He is famous for his perfect body, and bodybuilding skills in Russia.
  • The famous bodybuilder has black eyes and brown hair and weighs 99 kg.
  • Not a lot of information is available related to his educational qualification, family, and relationship. 

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