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Mental Health – A Growing Issue for Australia

Mental Health

Our wonderful country is currently facing a mental health crisis; the start of the Covid-19 pandemic saw people put under tremendous stress, with many losing their income, not to mention the multiple lockdowns. Not being able to have close contact with family and friends can be very traumatic; the number of Australian men suffering from anxiety and depression has risen alarmingly, while there is still a stigma around men and mental health. (Also Know About 5 Reasons To Take Your Oral Health Seriously)


Sadly, many people with mental health issues self-medicate, which might involve alcohol or narcotics; the person sees this mind-altering as an escape from the harsh realities of life. If a person has serious financial problems, this can cause a rift in their relationship and with no one to share the burden, it is easy to use a substance to carry you away from the harsh situation, although when you return, things are exactly the same.

Certified Mental Health Counsellors

Organisations such as Connecting Mental Health bridge the gap between mental healthcare professionals and patients, which is major support for many thousands of Australian men and women. The Internet makes it possible for a therapist to communicate via a Zoom video call and after an initial consultation, the counsellor can prepare a course that helps you to change your mindset, which is critical if you want positive change.

Social Acceptance

In some ways, mental health issues are difficult to approach; a person might feel that all is well, or they might become introvert, only communicating when they have to, with short abrupt answers. The Australian government has created many resources to support those with mental health issues and if you are feeling anxious, search online to connect with a mental health support platform and get access to healthcare professionals.

Online Counselling

If you are feeling anxious about something, you can connect with a certified counsellor via a website; it might be an hour a session, with a couple of sessions per week and the therapist/counsellor can help you to better manage your emotions and be more focused on positive things. Sometimes, the only treatment needed is regular sessions with a therapist; some counsellors might recommend medication, although this is not the ideal treatment, as the patient can become addicted to prescribed opioids. Click here to learn about how therapy can help with the break-up of a relationship.

Various Forms Of Therapy

Specific things can be a form of therapy, here are a few successful mental health therapies:

  • Art
  • Sports
  • Music

The counsellor is qualified to assess your mental state and make treatment recommendations; one of the therapist’s aims is to connect with the patient on a deep level, establishing trust and a high level of confidentiality is paramount and just be talking to someone who is skilled at encouraging you to open up, very often, the root causes of the stress are identified.

The Australian government recognise the need for a nationwide digital support network and they have provided the funding and resources to connect mental health counsellors with those who need their services. (Excited to know about How To Find An Addiction Treatment Center Near You)

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