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Coco Lee Net Worth: How A Late Superstar Accumulated Wealth & Fame In Short Time?

Coco Lee Net Worth

Who doesn’t love Coco Lee? This Hong-Kong born singer has been the favourite of many people who genuinely love music. However, this multi-talented star or musician gained a lot of popularity and fame at an early age. The list of Coco Lee’s accomplishments is very long. But everyone is aware that Coco Lee was battling depression for many years but couldn’t succeed. She recently died after a suicide attempt. She has left her fans in shock but people are still intrigued to know more about her which includes her net worth, personal life, early life, and a lot more. So, without waiting any further here is a complete biography of Coco Lee. 

Coco Lee – Net Worth 

There is no doubt about the fact that people or fans of celebrities are always intrigued to know about their net worth whether they are dead or alive. However, people were fond of Coco Lee and her music. As per sources and reports, this American singer, as well as songwriter’s net worth, was around $7 million as of 2023. 

She was into acting, singing as well as songwriting which generated most of her income. Coco Lee gave amazing songs to the industry which made her internationally famous. Also, her songs were commercially famous and allowed her to experience the sweet-bitter taste of success. This megastar also made money through her appearances on TV shows. 

Latest News About Coco Lee

Coco Lee – Her Net Worth Graph 

Coco Lee’s net worth graph has seen great growth over the past few years. Here are some stats: 

  • In 2023 – $7 million 
  • In 2022 – $6.5 million 
  • In 2021 – $6 million 
  • In 2020 – $5.5 million 
  • In 2019 – $5.1 million 
  • In 2018 – $4 million 

Coco Lee – Early life 

As per the sources and reports, Coco Lee was known to be born in the year 1975 on 17th January. As of 2023, she was 48 years old. Also, her birthplace was British Hong Kong. Her professional name was Coco Lee but her real name was Ferren Coco Lee. This famous singer grew up with her mother and father who were Hong Kong Cantonese and Indonesian. However, her father died at the time Coco was born. She also had one sibling named Nancy and Carol Lee who worked for her as her manager. 

It was her mother who brought up Coco after her father’s demise in San Francisco. Also, when it comes to her education, Coco did her schooling at Presidio Middle School as well as Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School. Soon after the completion of higher education, Coco received a contract and began her music journey in the industry. 

Her Stats 

Real name – Ferren Lee 

Professional or nickname – Coco Lee 

Birthplace – British Hong Kong 

Date of Birth – 17th January 1975 

Education – University of California Irvine and schooling from Presidio Middle School as well as Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School

Death date – 5th July 2023 

Height – 5’4 inches 

Weight – 47 kg 

Eye colour – Dark brown 

Hair colour – Dark brown 

Nationality – Chinese American 

Zodiac sign – Capricorn 

Sexual orientation – Straight 

Profession – American singer as well as songwriter 

Net worth – $7 million 

Coco Lee – The Contracts Done With Labels 

The success of Coco Lee is not hidden from anybody. She signed contracts with various popular record labels as well as released record-breaking albums. Coco Lee also worked with labels like Sony Music Entertainment as well as Capital Artists. She even signed various contracts with the leading record labels at a high fee. There are many other labels that Coco Lee worked with throughout her music career like Warner Music Group, Sony BMG, as well as Universal Music Group. Coco Lee also made some amazing music with top-notch companies as a singer. 

Coco Lee – Career 

Coco Lee was a mega-star. No doubt she gained popularity and career success within a short duration of time. In the year 1992, right after graduating from high school, Coco Lee returned to her hometown in Hong Kong where she got into the 12th Annual New Talent Singing Awards. Also, she got the title of first runner-up. Soon, after this Capital Artists got to know about her talent and signed her for a recording contract. This was the beginning of Coco’s solo career. 

This allowed Coco to release various albums like Love from Now On, Promise Me, Brace Enough to Love, etc. in the year 1994. Also, Coco collaborated with Sony Music Entertainment to release her album named ‘Coco Lee’ which was Asia’s best-selling album in the year 1996. Further, she had various successful albums and has several international collaborations. 

Coco Lee was also known for her acting career as she appeared in various TV shows. She made her debut with a TV movie named Mulan in the year 1998. She also starred in Forever Young, No Tobacco, etc. Coco also became the judge of Chinese Idol in the year 2013.

Coco Lee – Personal Relationships 

There is not much information about her personal relationships, affairs, or current boyfriends. However, according to the sources and reports, Coco Lee had a spouse named Bruce Rockowitz and was divorced.

Coco Lee – Her Death 

It was not a hidden fact that Coco Lee was battling depression for many years. On July 2, 2023, Coco committed suicide at her home and was immediately sent to the hospital. But even after making various attempts, she couldn’t survive and passed away on the day of 5th July 2023. Her sisters Carol, as well as Nancy, broke the news on social media platforms. 

Interesting Facts About Coco Lee

·   Coco Lee made her debut in the music industry 30 years ago. She made her debut at the age of 18 in 1993.

·   Her first album was released in June 1994. The name of the album was Love From Now On.

·   In her 30 year career, she made 19 studio albums along with a few solo songs and live albums.

·   Coco Lee had her first surgery at the age of 2 years old.

·   She left her graduation degree from the University of California due to her career.

·   In the year 2016, Coco Lee lost her voice due to severe Bronchitis

·   She married a Canadian businessman after dating for over 8 years. Her husband’s name is Bruce Rockowitz.

·   She didn’t have any kids despite going for IVF procedure multiple times.


Coco Lee was loved by her fans. She had a tremendous career as an actor, songwriter, as well as singer. Also, he had a massive net worth of $7 million. However, her fans are still in shock about her sudden demise. The above-mentioned information covers every aspect of her life that you can go through. 

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