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How To Challenge Your Brain To Learn Easily

Your Brain to Learn Easily

Running across the gym every day to train muscles isn’t any new today. In fact, the number of such fitness freaks has been increasing on a regular basis. The ones who fail to afford gym training, go and run a mile or two. The ones who are still to follow this routine, dream of walking over their procrastination every day. We do so much to attain a healthy and appealing body. What about your brain?

When as the last time you spent a few minutes to care about your brain?

Or did you ever really thought, for once even, if you should train your brain likewise?

Your negligence and unawareness cannot change the fact that the brain is one of the most important body parts that need training. A couple of minutes from your really long day to care for your brain wouldn’t hurt for sure. It would rather fill your days with tens of benefits.

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The last decade has witnessed phenomenal hype in people working hard to improve their cognitive skills. This article from Lemony Blog focuses on “How to challenge your brain to learn easily?” In this piece, we shall also talk about the benefits that training your brain can lead to. Scroll until the end.

Why You Must Train Your Brain?

Train Your Brain

Although often neglected, it’s your brain that’s responsible behind everything that you do. Right from accepting and perceiving any information to reacting to it, it’s your organ in the skull that does it all. You may not know, but just as your body needs to be fueled with exercises to function optimum, the same goes for your brain.

When you move ahead with a few ways to challenge your brain regularly, your cognitive skills improve can help you in the following ways:

  • Prevent you from embarrassment
  • Make you a fast learner
  • Improve your social image
  • Help you grow faster
  • And last but not the least, protect you against brain diseases

How to Challenge Your Brain to Learn Easily?

That’s what you crave. In the world that’s so competitive, even a fraction of second changes the results. The need of the hour says you need a sharp brain with high intelligence quotient, to learn things quickly with ease.

Brain to Learn Easily

But the question is how you can train your brain to learn fast. It’s through challenging your brain. Taking out a couple of minutes from your self-care hours is more than enough to help your brain. It just takes a few minutes to think and decide it through. Once decided, there are ways that would challenge your brain to learn quickly. You just need to inculcate these in your daily routine. A slight change in your ways to do or see things would result in unanticipated yet, really cool results.

  1. Start with mini-challenges: Mini-challenge isn’t about being a dare-devil. You need to do regular things differently. To say, you can take a new route to your home from the office, or brush your teeth with the hand that you do not regularly use. You can sit in a different spot on your bed or do anything that you do not regularly go for.
  2. Learn something new: The more you use it, the better it gets. The saying perfectly fits your brain. Trying your hands at something new boosts your brain functionality. You can try learning a language, playing musical instruments, or anything else that you do not know.
  3. Physical Exercise: Physical exercise is a solution to everything for sure. Regular exercising for about half an hour improves your perception of power and memory. It also increases your learning ability and alertness.
  4. Spend quality time with your beloved: Talking and spending time with people that you are comfortable with improves your brainpower really well. It helps you think clearly and lifts your mood too. It helps you attain optimal cognitive potential.
  5. Choose your puzzle wisely: They say solving puzzles can help you trigger your cognitive skills. But, did they ever tell that there are only a few types of puzzles that actually help. To say, the crossword puzzles are surely interesting, but they never really sharpen your brain. They rather improve your fluency. However, Jigsaw puzzles can help you challenge your brain.
  6. Dark chocolate-a mandatory: While a diet full of proteins and vitamins including fish, fruits, and veggies is essential for a healthy mind and body, a piece of dark chocolate is important too. A hormone called dopamine produced by the brain after eating chocolate helps you learn things faster and memorize them for a long time. That must be the reason why people suggest students to eating chocolate while studying.
  7. Dance & Music: Learning new dance moves is a proven method that increases your brain’s cognitive power. Try out a form that you have never done before and dance your heart out. Recent studies claim that music can improve your creativity to a great extent. Listening to good music and learning to play music can boost your creative thinking pattern and cognitive power significantly.
  8. Use your senses, all at once: You need to exercise not only the brain but, also your senses. Practicing activities that involve the simultaneous engagement of more than one to all the five senses is a helpful way. Try visiting places that need simultaneous use of all the sense organs.
  9. Meditate: You must have seen this coming, right!
    Anxiety and stress harm your brain like no other illness. Meditation on a regular basis can help you overcome this problem. It not only helps to calm your body, but also reduces stress and anxiety, and slows your breathing. Meditation actually helps your sharpen your memory and your ability to process and perceive information.
  10. Learn a new language: The cognitive benefits of learning a new language are many. A person who knows to speak more than one language tends to have better cognitive skills. You can learn new languages online using online tutoring services. Bilingualism actually contributes to your brain health as no other skill can. It improves memory, creativity, visual-spatial skills, multi-tasking, and delays mental-decline followed by growing age.
  11. Observe things: Next time you move out from your home, mark a note to observe things thoroughly. Relax! You need not dig deep into things as a CBI agent. Just a casual observation is what you need. Take note of five to six things about anything/anyone you come across that day. Later, when you get into your bed, try to remember what you noted earlier. Try observing things as often as you can.

Challenge your brain with the following tasks and improve your learning ability. Comment below how interesting and helpful this article was to you.

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