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8 Ways to Get the Whole Family Into the Holiday Spirit

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The holidays can be one of the most joyous times of the year. Since they’re coming up fast, it’s time to start getting ready now. However, for most of us, in order to get even a little motivated to start embracing the season, we need to get into the holiday spirit.

Getting into the holiday spirit can be a little difficult at times, especially these days.

Boarding a plane and jetting off for the holidays is always fun, but we know that traveling the world or even taking the family skiing a couple of states away isn’t feasible for many of you this holiday season. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few tips that may help the entire family get into the festive spirit.

1. PJs for Everyone

Instead of only getting the kids a new pair, kick things off early and grab Mom some women’s Christmas pajamas and Dad a pair of his own and let everyone start wearing them a few weeks beforehand. For a little more holiday spirit, take a photograph of everyone sporting their new PJs and have a personalized ornament made for the tree.

2. Whip Up Some Goodies

Gather everyone in the kitchen to bake some pumpkin bread, Christmas cookies, and other treats once every week or so to fill the house with the smells of the holidays. Let the kids help as much as they can, especially when it comes to making pies and decorating cookies.

3. Invite the Rest of the Family Over

While you probably don’t want to have a massive party this holiday season, inviting your sister and the kids’ favorite cousins over for an off-holiday meal is a great way to elicit joy and enhance the holiday spirit both inside and outside of your home.

Holiday Spirit

4. Movie Marathon

After that delicious Thanksgiving meal, start a Christmas movie marathon with some of the old classics mixed with the cartoon specials that kids love. Do the same a week or so later—and, of course, have everyone put on their Christmas PJs.

5. Crank Up the Tunes

While dinner is being made and the kids are finishing their homework, get Siri or Alexa to play some Christmas music or take the time to make a holiday playlist with everyone’s favorites.

6. Go Old Fashioned

Something you don’t see all too often these days is holiday carolers. Grab a few Santa hats, scarves, and your coats, and hit the neighborhood to try and spread a little festive cheer to your neighbors. Of course, you might want to practice a little beforehand.

7. Give the Holiday a Personal Touch

Get a few extra copies of those PJ photos, some blank card stock, and markers or map pencils, and have everyone work together to make personalized Christmas cards for friends and family.

8. Get Personal With Gifts

While Dad might need a new electric razor and Mom could use a better vacuum, Christmas isn’t always the time for those kinds of gifts. Take the time to make them a DIY gift or get them something they want but would probably never buy for themselves. 

As far as the kids go, just pay attention to what they show excitement about when they see all the toy commercials during the holiday specials in the weeks leading up to the special day. Knowing that you made an effort to take care of their gift this year will help put you in a festive mood and let them know how much you care.

The holidays are definitely a time to spend with loved ones and getting everyone in the spirit can help make it a special time to remember. Take the tips above, modify them as needed or desired, and have a great season.

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