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Top Tips to Buy the Best Men’s Electric Shaver

Best Men’s Electric Shaver

Over the past few years, sales of hair and beard trimmers have increased, for reasons related to health, and because it saves time and money. Many brands, such as Andis, appeared in the market to help satisfy the clients’ needs.

Some men buy electric shavers and take them to the barbershop, for fear of transmission of infection, because barbers usually use the same tools for more than one person. The Coronavirus and the home isolation conditions made men follow a new routine. Men, who prefer barbershops to get some additional care, had no choice, due to the pandemic, but to learn some shaving and haircutting skills. That is why electric hair trimmers have become a necessity.

There are many shapes and types of hair trimmers available in the market, and to compare them to choose the best.

Here is a question, which trimmer is better: a wired or a wireless one? In fact, the right decision is made based on a man’s needs.

The wired trimmers are characterized by strength compared to the wireless ones, but it is hard to use in a place far from a source of electricity. Unlike the wireless types that can be carried anywhere, knowing that you should pay attention to charging the batteries first. It is important to know more about the capabilities of the battery in terms of charging time and average use.

The second criterion is the number of combs that come with the trimmer. Some types come with a number of combs of different lengths, and their use requires changing the trimmer head each time. While there are other types with built-in combs that can be changed in length by pressing some buttons. The last type is the most expensive in terms of price, but it is easy to carry anywhere without any attached tools that you might lose them.

Some trimmers are also equipped with a technology that sucks out the fallen hair, which ensures the cleanliness of the place where you are shaving. Of course, this feature will add to the value of the trimmers and then to their price. In addition, for more safety, you can buy a waterproof trimmer, which ensures that it remains undamaged if it falls in the water.

If you are already planning to buy an electric shaver, you should take the criteria mentioned above into consideration. As for the price and the best-selling in the market, figures from the American Amazon website, the first shopping site in the world, indicate that the highest price for a shaver equipped with a hair suction feature with a number of combs gives you many options and unique accuracy, its price reaches 800 US dollars. While the lowest price for a shaver with three combs and limited features is about 8 US dollars.

For example, the bestseller among hair and beard shavers on the world’s most famous shopping site, Amazon, are the ones produced by Philips with a nomination by more than 38,000 users.

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