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6 Tips To Choose A Beauty Course Wisely

Choose A Beauty Course Wisely

Ever since we were little kids, we all loved to steal a bit of lipstick from our mom’s vanity bag, or dust a bit of talcum powder on our face, isn’t it?

If the beauty-baby inside you wants to explore more and become a professional makeup artist (MUA) or beautician, then you must take up a beauty course today! But how do you choose the correct beauty course for you?

There are so many factors that influence your training and studying in such a course. Read on to know some tips before choosing a beauty course wisely!

1. Preference

Are you a beginner who wants to learn right from scratch? Or are you someone who already knows makeup applications and wants to explore further? In terms of your experience, you must choose a course designed best for you.

There are various such courses for beginners by Lakme. You’ll also have to select what kind of beauty course you want, such as courses meant for makeup artists, or hairstylists, or cosmetologists. So choose carefully on the basis of the type of career you want to pursue.

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2. Accreditation

Makeup and hairstyling are very delicate jobs, and learning the wrong techniques from the wrong institution can be disastrous. Therefore, choosing the right kind of training school is also very important.

If you’re someone who is interested in cosmetology, the CPD Institute in Australia is an internationally acclaimed organization that gives all kinds of courses. From dermal filling to PRP training, this school will teach you all you need to know in cosmetology.

With an experience of over 15 years and more than 3000 students from Australia itself, this place shall train you how to be a successful cosmetologist, dentist, or doctor.

3. Practical training

Whether it’s makeup you want to work on, or hair and nails, it is necessary to have hands-on training available for you in the course you join.

An institute that does not offer any practical training for students is not a good option to go forward with. So choose a training school that provides you the benefit of learning with models and experimentation.

4. Hygiene and sanitation practices

So you’ve chosen a course that looks lovely, but once you go there, you see the teachers using dirty makeup brushes or not cleaning the tables before performing a hairstyling demo. Would you actually like to attend that course? Absolutely NOT!

In order to learn a beauty course properly, you must first get acquainted with safe and hygienic

From properly sanitizing the chair your client will sit on, to wearing gloves and caps, there are many such points you’ll have to follow. So be sure to opt for a beauty course that has clean rooms and equipment.


Price is also an important factor when deciding on a course. All of us, especially students, have a certain budget to spend when we opt for a certain course.

In spite of student loans and scholarships, many institutions may be too expensive. So remember to carefully look at the course prices before opting for one that you’re interested in.

6. Location and transport costs

Is the course of your dreams a three-hour ride away from where you live? Or is it in a completely different country or continent? With location comes the responsibility of transportation. If the institute is just a 15 minutes walk from your house, then girl, you’re lucky!

But if it’s a bit too far, you’ll have to consider the transport costs or even the lodging costs there. Thus location plays an important role in choosing your dream academy.

Over to you…

We often hear a stigma in our society that beauty courses are very easy and have no job opportunities. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! In reality, beauty courses offer a huge range of scope if you’re hardworking and passionate about them.

After all, who do you think makes Angelina Jolie or Nicole Kidman look so gorgeous? What makes Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt look so dashing? Makeup artists, hairstylists, and other beauty professionals! They are the true heroes and heroines behind the stage of glamour.

Therefore, if you have a passion to make people look glamorous and beautiful, then go choose the right beauty course today itself!

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