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Should You Use a Primer with a Light Foundation? Find Out!

Should You Use a Primer with a Light Foundation

Whether you’ve been wearing makeup for years or you’ve only recently started exploring how to apply makeup, you may not be familiar with primer. Or, you may have heard of it but don’t quite understand its purpose. Fortunately, we have answers for you and can help you appreciate the goal behind primer and why it may be the perfect product for you.

If you are someone who mostly wears light liquid foundation, you could be wondering if purchasing and wearing primer is a worthwhile investment. When it comes to quality primer, Black Opal has the perfect product. But first, let’s discuss what primer is and how it benefits your overall look.

What Is a Makeup Primer?

Primer is a product you apply to prepare your skin to create an ideal surface for your makeup after you put skincare on. You apply primer before products, such as concealer, liquid foundation, eye shadow, or blush. It can help reduce the amount of makeup you have to put on and ease the application process.

Essentially, the purpose of primer is to create a barrier between your skin and the makeup products you use. And with that, provide a long-lasting look. Having a good primer as part of your routine will help you achieve both a natural look or a more traditional made-up look.

Light Liquid Foundation Coverage

A light foundation is ultimately a liquid foundation that promises light to medium coverage versus full coverage. Light foundation allows for a more natural look in different finishes, such as dewy, sheer, and radiant. Depending on the texture you prefer, you have a few options, and primer will help any of the finishes look flawless.

Primer is a Must

Here is the bottom line; it is up to you if you want to use a primer with a light foundation or not. However, you will never regret using a primer. Regardless of the weight of your liquid foundation, a primer that is formulated to be invisible under any foundation shade, including a light foundation, only enhances your look. When you have high-quality beauty products, it means you care about your skin health and how you present yourself.

Black Opal, specifically, has a primer that works impeccably well with a light foundation because it will nicely neutralize the oils on your complexion but never dry out your skin. It provides a base that works perfectly with a light liquid foundation. If you ever look at your complexion after applying makeup and think to yourself that your products didn’t apply evenly, you could absolutely benefit from embracing primer. 

Benefits of Using Primer

The benefits of primer don’t simply include creating the perfect canvas before applying cosmetic products. In fact, primer has a handful of benefits in addition to helping your makeup look flawless with a heavy or light foundation. Below we give you more reasons to start using Black Opal’s primer.

Benefits of Using Primer

Smooths Fine Lines

Depending on the maturity of your skin, you may have some fine lines that you want to hide with a dash of makeup. Using primer helps to keep a liquid foundation from sitting in your fine lines and making them look heavier than they are. Even when the foundation you use is light, it can still highlight this unwanted feature. Applying primer beforehand assuredly prevents this from happening.

Helps Minimize Pores

When you have larger pores, makeup can sometimes accentuate that and even make your skin look more porous than it does without makeup. If you are someone with larger pores, primer, such as Black Opal’s, helps reflect light off the surface of your skin. This makes the pores appear smaller than they are.

Primer helps greatly to minimize the appearance of pores. It acts as an invisible barrier that prevents your makeup from clogging your pores. With a primer, you can use a light liquid foundation and not worry about the size of your pores being the first thing you see when you look into the mirror.

Controls Shine

It’s common to have some shine, especially in the t-zone, which primarily consists of your forehead, nose, and chin. Just because you are used to having shine doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Thankfully primer also assists with making sure you don’t have any unwanted shine. Even if you are going for a dewy look, oily isn’t the same as dewy.

Primer neutralizes the shine and keeps your skin from patches of oiliness. You are less likely to need absorbing sheets throughout the day that may remove the makeup you have on. When you use a primer, it provides shine control all day.

Dry Patches

Just like with shine control, primer also helps keep your natural glow, which we know is a concern for those of you with combination skin or dry skin. Black Opal’s primer takes care of shine without drying skin, which is a sign of good primer. Because it is  water-based, it will hydrate your skin throughout the day and will feel light and airy.

Evens Out Skin Tone

Redness is a problem many people face and can make it hard to use lighter foundations, which usually are actually better for red and oily skin. This is why using a primer is beneficial. Primer makes it possible to even out your skin not just from redness but also hyperpigmentation. Depending on how mature or the amount of photodamage you have, it can be quite difficult to get liquid foundations and concealers to look smooth on your skin; primer allows for a silky, beautiful finish.

The Long and Short of It

Makeup primer is good; it will likely exceed your expectations when you start using it. There is nothing like a product that is a game-changer for how you look and feel when you apply makeup. Using a primer before makeup will make your skin look and feel smoother.

Primer creates the barrier you need between the skincare products you use and your makeup. Your skincare products should nourish your skin throughout the day; makeup could prevent that. Without primer, makeup could potentially clog your pores, accentuate your fine lines, and look patchy and uneven. You will avoid all of these unwanted effects of makeup when you apply primer.

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