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5 SEO Tips For Companies Struggling During The Pandemic

SEO Tips for Companies Struggling During the Pandemic

Are you and your company another victim of the severe effects of the coronavirus pandemic? Are you also suffering to make ends meet for yourself and your dependents due to such a catastrophe?

The pandemic of COVID-19 has left countless lives in an array of disruption and confusion. It has led to a significant change of lifestyle for the majority of the world. The business sector worldwide faced numerous challenges to survive and overcome the pitfalls. The necessity of ensuring business continuity and keeping your companies afloat has seemingly become a more daunting task than ever. Such means of restrictions and incapability to physically operate the business has led many companies to search for other alternatives.

Amid the crisis, a robust mechanism for most global businesses has been shifting to technological means. The online mediums of communication and incorporation of several other tools to maintain business continuity have been viable solutions. Additionally, we have seen countless businesses opting to migrate their operations entirely online. They strive to utilize the ever-growing potential of the online market. However, companies that were reluctant to use technology have either gone bankrupt or struggled to remain competitive.

A significant element of this migration involves creating and promoting a decent online presence for the company. Such online promotion includes the use of organic and paid marketing. A much more effective, long-lasting, and cost-efficient method to ensure this, is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It refers to the practice of optimizing the online presence of your business with proven techniques to improve its visibility. These include a variety of methods like keyword usage, back-linking, and much more. Here are some of the essential SEO tips that you should consider to help your business survive the pandemic.

5 Effective SEO Tips to survive the pandemic:

1. Work on Your Keyword Research:

Keyword research is crucial for any online business to initiate operations and thrive simultaneously. It is primarily because potential customers search for particular keywords over the search engines to buy products/services. Such that it serves as a direct channel for businesses to earn online. Hence, companies must research the prospective keywords that their potential buyers could search. Further, incorporating these keywords in their website and other content distribution portals to improve overall visibility.

The wave of coronavirus and its global impact has entirely shifted the attention toward online platforms. It includes search phrases that involve relative keywords and content at a global scale. It means that businesses can effectively use this behavior to benefit their businesses. For example, companies can provide information about the pandemic on websites to ensure such keywords’ vitality.

2. Optimize Your Content Accordingly:

Content has always been an essential component of the SEO world, and it remains successful to date. Creating and distributing unique content is the key to business success in the online market. Unique and informative content is bound to attract people’s attention in the shape of website traffic. Therefore, you need to keep adjusting your online platforms’ content to maintain your visitors’ interest. You can carry out such a task by changing your content according to the latest trends. And with the majority of the global eyes stuck on the news about the pandemic developments. What could be a hotter topic to consider right now? However, ensure relevancy with your products or services.

3. Guest-Post On Trusted Sites:

Guest-posting has long been a prevalent and effective practice of the SEO world. It involves you communicating with another website owner, preferably with high domain authority and average traffic. It is imperative to convince them to publish your content on their websites with a link to your website. Or use existing content and incorporate such a link in it. A link inserted in the content on a trusted and popular site serves inherently beneficial. It directly helps your business draw traffic and potential customers from the other website pushing them down the sales funnel. It could be because they have probably read the corresponding piece of content and are interested to learn more about your product.

4. Create Infographics:

In a world where people’s attention spans are decreasing, creating infographics serves an essential purpose in the online community. Such infographics include the usage of an attractive and informative pictorial representation of your products. The standard method is visually providing solutions to the visiting audience regarding products or services. It is an excellent and creative way to attract people with pleasing aesthetics. It’s also beneficial in injecting new and valuable information for online users. Such methods are rewarded by the search engines, consequently improving your site’s visibility in the SERP rankings.

5. Improve Mobile Responsiveness:

The coronavirus pandemic forced billions of people to remain indoors for the majority of the year 2020. It led to several cases of boredom and increased reliance on personal smart devices as a means of entertainment. Consequently, the global usage of the internet, including search engines and online business, grew exponentially. This drastic rise in the use of mobile devices has further pushed the number of mobile users online. Thus, with a majority of the customers visiting your website through mobile devices. It is only logical to make your website responsive to mobile and tablet or iPad users. So, they can efficiently use your website without losing their attention. Such responsiveness allows the search engines to display your website quickly, reducing bounce rate as well.


SEO has always been a key to online success for businesses, but it has grown in importance since the pandemic. With the rise in the global pandemic, the need for online business presence has undoubtedly heightened the need for SEO. Companies must improve and adjust their SEO strategies according to changing consumer behavior to remain competitive. There are several methods to enhance the visibility of your online presence on the search engine rankings. But the tips above can effectively help your business survive the pandemic since most transactions are now online. However, it is essential to research the market before you dive into these strategies.

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