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5 Christmas Gifts For The Males In Your Life

5 Christmas Gifts for the Males in Your Life

Picking out gifts for girls is a walk in the park. Practically every store you visit will have sparkly stocking stuffers, beauty and bath products, and other go-to girl gifts for Christmas.

When it comes to shopping for guys, though, the holiday gift selection is meh. In this article, we walk you through five Christmas gifts for the males in your life, so you don’t have to stress this holiday season.

1. Wallet and Accessories

For a gift that your husband will love (or really a gift that any man in your life will love), a leather wallet is a perfect choice. Pro tip: any wallets with brass or copper embellishments are a plus. Guys really like classic materials.

Minimalist leather wallets and wallet accessories like a carbon fiber money clip are all the rage right now. They can secure your cash while looking sleek and stylish at the same time.  

2. A Leather Jacket

First off, if you’re choosing the best gift for your friend and he’s vegan, then go with a vegan leather jacket. In any case, guys like stuff that holds up for a while. They appreciate functionality, and that’s a good thing because when they like something, they tend to use it or wear it over and over until it starts to wear and tear.

A leather jacket is a solid choice for a Christmas gift because they are super durable and full of functional style. Let him wear it in the rain, toss it carelessly over a chair, and crumple it into a ball on the floor; it won’t fall apart.

3. Pretty Perfect Pocket Knives

For many of the guys in your life, they’ll belong in one of two categories: guys who own pocket knives and use their pocket knives or guys who own pocket knives and don’t use them at all. Either way, pocket knives are a good gift, so ditch the electric shaver idea—especially if you already got him that last year.

Cast-Iron Skillet

4. A Cast-Iron Skillet

For all those times he’ll be camping in the wilderness (maybe once a year) or frying bacon at home (every single day), a cast-iron skillet is apparently the trend that never dies.

It would seem like non-stick pans with their whole no mess, no stress thing would be appealing, but no, guys enjoy using SOS pads to clean their pans. Actually, skip the pan. Just buy him SOS pads.

If buying a pan feels like an inelegant gift, you’re right. Pair it with a nice bottle of truffle oil to really bring this purchase to the next level. Go with quality brands, though, or he might hate the gift. It’s just how it is, don’t ask why.

5. Fuzzy Christmas Socks

If you frequently get the answer, “I don’t know, just get me socks,” when you ask a man in your life what they want for Christmas, just take this and run with it.

The truth is, guys like reliability, so as weird and as boring as fuzzy Christmas socks should be to any grown man, they’ll probably just love them because that’s what they were expecting.

Seriously, don’t even try to find silly socks; the socks with pizza drawings won’t be met with any more enthusiasm than the basic striped socks on Christmas morning. They. Are. Just. Socks.

The Bottom Line

For the men in your life, stick to wallets, jackets, manly accessories, wilderness tools, old-school frying pans, or even just a good ol’ pair of socks. Also, if you’ve walked around the store ten times and have yet to find the men’s section, leave and just buy everything online. 

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