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4 Vacations You Can Afford Right Now

Vacations You Can Afford Right Now

You deserve a vacation. Your current financial situation, whatever it is, shouldn’t get in the way of that. So, in the celebratory spirit of summer, here are four vacations you can afford right now.

1. Cruises to … Anywhere

Cruises are a great all-in-one package that accounts for all the additional costs you’d usually incur on a traditional vacation. Gas, food, travel expenses, lodging, tours, and entertainment are all wrapped up in one heck of a deal. Book a booze cruise in Tulum for 12 months in advance can help you lock down even better rates. Late summer/early fall cruises just so happen to offer the best bang for your buck, too. According to research by, the average 7-day Alaska vacation can cost up to an average of $4,000 per person. Compare that to all-inclusive cruises that go for half that price and it’s easy to see why a cruise to Alaska is such a popular choice.

2. Go Abroad

Tourist destinations across the globe were hit hard in 2020 and are offering great rates to bring tourists back in 2021. Booking flights a month or two in advance that depart midweek will be your best bet for snagging those coveted low fares. If you’re airline-flexible, you can also knock off a significant portion of your ticket by flying with budget airlines. Tickets to Cancun from major airports in the west are floating around $110 when booked a few weeks out. Cue the no shoes, no shirt, no problems visions, please!

3. City Hop

Flying from one big airport to another large, relatively close airport is a fun way to get away from the familiar and explore an entirely different place on a budget. Cities have great deals for flights between another close, large airports. Whether you’re flying from N.Y.C. to D.C., Atlanta to New Orleans, or St. Louis to Nashville, you can snag a roundtrip, the midweek ticket for around (or if you’re lucky, significantly under) $100. While driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles is a six- to eight-hour trek with a hefty price tag for gas, a $99 flight is an easy lift.

4. Explore the Great Outdoors

Camping under the stars (or in a tent or car if that’s more your speed) in one of the country’s 423 national parks is an economical and memory-making option for budget-conscious vacationers. Camping passes for national parks usually run between $15 and $25 per day per person. From Yosemite in California to the Blue Ridge Parkway’s Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina, you and your fellow campers can enjoy nature’s limitless beauty and unparalleled power to re-center us no matter what state you live in. (Expert Tip: most parks offer AAA, senior, and student discounts, so do a little research before your trip to find the best deals!)

Bonus Tips and Tricks

  • Avoid any trips that require rental cars. Visiting cities with public transportation or all-in-one destinations (like national parks or cruises) where you can walk most anywhere are great picks!
  • Choose Airbnb rentals with kitchens over hotels. Hitting the local grocery store and cooking for yourself instead of eating out will save you big bucks.
  • Road trips are great options for groups. Split gas and housing and cut way down on total cost.

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