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Oppo Smartphones at a Glance Across the Globe

Oppo Smartphones at a Glance Across the Globe

Smartphones today are among the most common purchases made across all consumer groups. Everybody has a smartphone today, owing to the convenience it offers to people. In line with the increasing penetration of the internet, the usage of smartphones has also grown considerably. To cater to this high demand for smartphones, many companies have begun creating products across different price points, and each smartphone manufacturer is innovating extensively to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack.

As more and more companies enter the smartphone arena, Oppo has distinguished itself globally due to its devices’ functionality, efficiency, and design. The phones by the company offer greater convenience to users while also being stylish. Oppo phones are extremely efficient and come loaded with a range of functionalities and features, including very powerful cameras. If you are looking to buy a smartphone, you should definitely opt for an Oppo phone. Since they are available across a range of price points, they will fit your budget, and enable you to comfortably use the device to fulfill all your requirements from a smartphone.

Read on to learn about the best Oppo smartphones available across the globe, and assess which one best fits your requirements and budget.

1. Oppo F17 Pro 128GB (8GB RAM)

The Oppo F17 Pro is the ideal model for those looking for a smartphone that is designed stylishly and looks elegant even as it helps you fulfill your tasks throughout the day. The Oppo phone has a quad-rear camera configuration, with a 48 MP primary camera that allows you to shoot stunning images. Its 4015 mAh battery ensures that you don’t run out of charge unexpectedly, and can continue working even while you are traveling. Additionally, the 8GB RAM allows you to switch between different applications seamlessly.

2. Oppo A54 128GB (6GB RAM)

The 6.5-inch HD display of this device empowers you to watch your favorite content on the go, even as the 5000 mAh battery ensures that your phone never runs out of charge. You can continue working and even taking breaks for entertainment on this well-designed phone that offers great efficiency. This Oppo phone comes at a pocket-friendly price and is powered by the MediaTek Helio P35 SoC that guarantees its buttery-smooth performance.

3. Oppo F19 Pro 128GB (8GB RAM)

Oppo smartphones are acknowledged as some of the best smartphones being created across the globe, and the Oppo F19 Pro is among the best smartphones released by the company. With a 6.4-inch display, the Oppo F19 Pro lets you carry your content and watch it at ease wherever you are. The quad-rear camera set-up with a 48 MP primary sensor lets you take powerful images as you move across the world. Furthermore, the 8GB RAM is the icing on the cake, as you can run multiple applications at the same time, without fretting about the device hanging.

4. Oppo A15 32GB (3GB RAM)

Oppo phones are offered across a range of price points, making them accessible to a wide range of customers. You can avail of the Oppo A15 for around Rs. 10,000, which is ideal for meeting various needs and is also extremely affordable. The Oppo A15 has a 6.52-inch display which lets you easily browse the internet even while traveling. Its 4230 mAh battery lasts for an extremely long time, ensuring that you don’t need to stop working on your phone in order to avoid battery drainage. The camera is powerful, which ensures that you are able to take gorgeous pictures regardless of where you are, and take back glorious memories. With a 13MP primary sensor at the back, you can capture crystal clear images, and savor the good times.

5. Oppo A74 5G 128GB

While Oppo smartphones also include the extremely affordable A15, the company also offers the A74 model to customers. The Oppo A74 is a powerful, sleek machine that offers a superb camera array that you can use to bring your social media presence to life. Armed with a 48MP + 2MP + 2MP triple-rear camera set-up, you can use this Oppo phone to recreate life’s best moments with more glamour and splash. Its 5000 mAh battery keeps you going for long hours, without worrying about the device running out of charge. The 128GB internal storage provides you with enough storage capacity to save large multimedia files, along with documents, images, and music files.

Owing to the enormous popularity enjoyed by Oppo phones, they are available across a range of platforms both online and offline. The Oppo F17 is especially acclaimed, and a range of financing options are available for those who wish to own this sleek smartphone. Head over to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and check out the exclusive discounts and deals you can avail of, including the zero down payment facility on several premium smartphones.

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