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Must Visit US Cities For Street Food Lovers

US Cities for Street Food Lovers

The United States of America is an expansive country that has many different cultures. Therefore, it is bound to have incredible food from coast to coast. Even though there are major cities like San Francisco, and New York that are known for their exceptional culinary offerings, let’s not forget about some smaller cities. While these cities may not have a strong population, that doesn’t stop chefs from launching their food businesses. They will test the waters and introduce new concepts while others will offer traditional dishes with a bit of their own personal touch. Let’s now delve deeper and discuss those cities that are a must-visit for those who love food.

#1. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is the place to be for all the foodies. This city is home to many James Beard Award nominee chefs. The Asheville food scene is on the rise as of late. How? Well, the famous chef John Fleer launched his third restaurant called, Benne on Eagle. It is located at The Foundry Hotel. This place pays homage to The Block neighborhood by offering dishes like fried catfish and waffle, and braised rabbit. But that’s not all! Homegrown has introduced a new spot in West Asheville that offers downhome southern cuisine. Also, you will find White Labs Kitchen & Tape in the area that is known for its signature pizzas. There are also talks of S&W Artisanal opening a Greek version of Eataly in the city.

#2. Bend, Oregon

If you like both good food and outdoor activities then you should definitely visit Bend in Oregon. After bike riding or hiking, you can go to your favorite eatery and enjoy mouthwatering meals. Most of the restaurants in this city focus on providing a carefree ambiance and serve meals in casual settings. Spork is one of such places that is known for its tasty South American cuisine. You can also find Jackson’s Corner that makes outstanding pizzaz. Moreover, if you like bakery items then don’t forget to check out Foxtail Bakeshop. Another fancy restaurant that you should include in your list is Ariana which specializes in Italian, Spanish, and French-influenced dishes.

#3. Austin, Texas

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Texas? Barbecue, right?! And if you like that then go to Austin. You will find many classic places there that offer quality Barbecue including, The Salt Lick, and Franklin Barbecue. This city is also famous for other cuisines. For instance, you can try tacos from Papalote or sushi from Uchi. You can also go to The Driskill for tea. What’s more? You will find many food trucks that will offer you anything from donuts to rice.

#4. Birmingham, Alabama

Also known as The Magic City, Birmingham is an Eden for food lovers. You will find many interesting things to eat here from crispy fried chicken to fluffy biscuits. If you are in the city then you just have to try Bottega. They offer some really good beef carpaccio that will make you lick your fingers. You can visit Taqueria Guzman if you like tacos. And for the delicious chicken, you just have to go to Café Dupont.

#5. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a place you would want to be if you are crazy about clam chowder and lobster rolls. Apart from these two dishes, you have to try ramen from Yume Wo Katare. You will not regret it! Also, if you like sushi then drive to O Ya. Also, you can visit Toro with your friends for tapas. If you want to enjoy New American dishes then it is recommended to go to Outlook Kitchen & Bar and try Bay of Fundy Salmon. For something out of the regular, you can consider trying having drinks mixed with pasta water syrup from Better Sorts Social Club.

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And there you have it! You can visit these cities to try some of the yummiest treats. But, have you ever wondered how you will find the location of these eateries? The answer is Google Maps! However, you will have to have a reliable network provider. Since I travel a lot, having a Spectrum mobile keeps me worry-free. So make sure to look for a good provider that can help guide you to the correct place.

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