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Facts You Need To Know About Electrical Fires & Safety

Electrical Fires

Thanks to advanced fire protection systems and knowledge of fire safety, fire-related accidents in commercial properties across Australia have decreased significantly in the last few years in Australia. When they do occur, the response and ability to regain control has increased in recent years.

However, the threat of electrical fires in offices, schools, and various commercial and public buildings is still great. While the incidents are going down, it is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, commercial buildings must undergo serious inspection and planning before adopting fire suppression equipment and training the employees about fire safety.

There are many reputed fire protection companies in the market that not only provide fire suppression equipment to clients but also train the employees about workplace fire safety. 

You may not be a fire safety expert, but when you understand the common causes of electrical fires, and some basic preventative measures, you can take immediate protective action to encourage fire-safe habits while you book in for help from the professionals.

Fire Incidence in Commercial Buildings: What are the Possible Causes?

An electrical fire can start from anywhere in a commercial building. For example, many commercial buildings are old structures with faulty electrical wiring. A spark would be enough to cause large-scale destruction. Several risk factors can start an electric fire in a commercial building, and it is essential to identify them for employee and data safety.

The first step in fire safety training starts with identifying these hazards and taking steps to eliminate them. You can do it privately or outsource the work to fire protection companies. They have certified experts who can develop a comprehensive fire safety plan.

Here are the top common causes of electric fires in commercial establishments:

  • Faulty or old wiring
  • Cooking equipment
  • Human errors
  • Electrical outlets and extension cords
  • Water heaters, furnaces, and boilers
  • Damaged equipment
  • Damaged space heaters
  • Static electricity
  • Arson

How to Prevent Electrical Fires and Ensure Safety in Commercial Premises?

Here are four ways to ensure optimum staff and data safety from electrical fires in commercial establishments.

1. Coordinate a Fire Risk Assessment of the Building:

You would not know where to install your fire safety mechanisms if you did not identify the potential risk factors. So, you first need to organise a thorough fire risk assessment of the building. 

According to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP&A Reg.) Clause 144, you can use fire protection companies’ help to identify risky areas.

After a detailed review, the expert will present you with their suggestions to help the establishment conform to the fire safety standards in Australia.

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2. Develop a Fire Safety Plan for the Building:

Now that you know the potential risk factors that can start an electric fire, you can formulate a plan to eliminate them. You can take the help of the suggestion list presented by the fire protection expert to address all the problematic areas on the premises.

This fire safety plan must not only include the deployment and installation of fire safety and suppression equipment but must also mention detailed evacuation plans in case of an electric fire. 

The evacuation plan must come with identified and marked exit routes. All employees working in the building will need to know the evacuation plan. This step is necessary as Australian regulations require a fire safety plan for all commercial buildings.

3. Schedule Fire Safety Training for Employees:

Proper fire safety training for all employees working in a commercial building is compulsory in Australia. This training will not only ensure their safety but can also help prevent an electrical fire from starting. The employees must be trained in the skills in case of a fire incident. They must also have the proper education to prevent one from starting or how to react if the fire goes out of control.

You can contact a fire protection company to conduct the training program. The employees will learn about workplace fire safety, fire equipment handling, evacuation plans, and more in this program.

4. Install Fire Fighting and Suppression Devices in the Building:

Last but not least, as advised by the fire expert, you will need to install proper fire fighting equipment. Fire fighting equipment does not just limit to extinguishers and sprinklers. You can also install water mists, gaseous fire suppression systems, and a Foam Deluge System.

These will try to douse or suppress the fire from getting out of hand till the firefighters arrive on site. Apart from these, fire protection companies also provide passive equipment like fire detection alarms for commercial buildings. Use your fire expert’s help to install the right equipment correctly.

Final Word

Building managers and business owners will have to be proactive when it comes to implementing fire safety mechanisms. Your best defence against electric fires is knowledge. Use it to set preventive equipment in place for overall safety. We hope this article helps in keeping your business and employees safe and sound.

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