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What Makes A Good Luxury Real Estate Investment?

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investments are an ideal place to start if you are looking forward to expanding your portfolio. Amongst a wide array of options, luxury real estate is one of the best options available. If you are contemplating whether the hype is worth the stakes and what you should be doing, then read on. As we take you on an avalanche of options available at your fingertips.

Why invest in luxury real estate? 

Individuals with high-end monetary funds often prefer spending large sums on properties perceived to be superior. These properties include a condo, 3 BHK villa, and a townhouse villa, to name a few. However, just the thought of a high price tag does not earn a real estate property the title of being “luxurious.” Instead, it has to be unique and exclusive as well. 

Wealthy buyers often look for locations that have access to luxurious activities like top-notch shopping, dining, arts, and proximity to other luxury homes. When it comes to pricey and luxury investments, both the quantum of investment and safe returns become unparalleled. 

Now, suppose you are planning to invest and expand your portfolio. In that case, the luxury real estate market is an ideal place to start. Real estate experts believe that 2022 will see a spike in luxury real estate investments, thereby getting investors some of the best bargain deals in the town.

Factors to consider

Before you dive into investing in luxury real estate, there are certain factors that you need to consider. To make it easy for you, we have locked them down as follows;


Before going ahead and investing in a luxury property, it is worthwhile to take note of the time. After all, a grand gesture means little if the timing is wrong. Experts believe that investing in luxury real estate is an ideal moment in winter. 

This is because business owners are often occupied with festivities like Christmas and spending time with family, thereby proving a good distraction and a high ground for investors. Take it in your stride and bargain your way to a stunning property!


Before choosing your investment, check out the area because that’s the one thing you will never be able to change. Take the example of a 3-bed villa in sustainable city, the times are changing, and there is a high buyer market for clean energy projects. Consider the high-end demand you will be receiving on this one. 


The condition of a luxury property matters, but not because of stereotypical thinking. You might want to opt for a house that is already furnished, but the speculations do not end there. You get an upper foot if you know about the property’s condition before the sale. You will have a chance to negotiate with the seller and ask the pricing to go down. You will also have the opportunity to characterize the property as you deem fit.


Last but not least, get friendly with the real estate agent you will be working with. If you get friendly with some local firms around the area, this will help ensure that you get the news about good properties early on. Moreover, you need someone much more experienced than you by your side. 

They need to be equipped with the gift of gab and knowledge and experience to back it up. If you are trying to build a portfolio, you cannot choose someone who just cares about their own commission or seller’s profit. Property investments can be tricky, so you need someone who knows how luxury real estate moves.

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Ways to invest 

If you are looking for ways to invest in luxury real estate. Then we can suggest some. Our top picks are as follows;

Remodel a mansion 

Compared to house flipping, remodeling an existing luxury property is an ideal option. This one brings many choices in terms of return on investment (ROI). One prominent feature is that luxury homes tend to be better maintained compared to average homes; this implies lower rehabilitation costs. 

Your options, however, may be limited to the right mix of architecture, condition, and style. While these have keen competition, the upside is the fact that few flippers focus on that side of the market. This is because it requires specialized knowledge to secure financing and negotiate the price for profit.

Invest internationally

Investing in the luxury real estate market abroad opens many doors for you. For example, in the Turks and Caicos Islands, within British territory, there exist no annual property taxes and no capital gain taxes on transferred property. 

Similarly, you can find sustainable villas for sale near Sharjah, bringing to light the need for clean energy projects we discussed early on. Dubai and Sharjah also bring you the option of leasing for 99 years. That’s a whopping high amount given the competition within these markets. 

Moreover, international investments also allow you to rent out, in case you will be living in them for only one part of the year. Before investing abroad, however, just be sure that you are well aware of the intricacies involved. In this scenario, opting for real estate advisors and agents is a good option.

Buy a condo

Whether it is a luxury condo you want to live in or rent out, you must spend and choose wisely. A home with amenities and transportation options nearby is an ideal choice to be made. Buying a luxury-looking building with poor prospects for transportation is considered a poor investment overall. 

The services and features offered can either make or break your investment. Even if some features like a doorman are missing from the place, other features like views, high ceilings, and terraces can make up for that.

To Conclude,

Before investing in luxury real estate, remember that you are buying a lifestyle. Features like roof decks, swimming pools, shared spaces with fitness centers, and primary services all distinguish luxury real estate. So, before finalizing your investment, consider all the aspects wisely. Safe investing!

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