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Wonderful Things To Do With Sheds


Sheds are wonderful things and every garden should have at least one, maybe two. Of course, sheds can have more uses than just for the garden, in fact, they are one of the most versatile buildings known to humanity! Have too much stuff in the house? Put it in the shed! Need a place to do your hobby? A shed! If you can imagine it, a shed can house it!

Sheds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, my personal favourites are large farm sheds because of their size and versatility. Moreover, they are very affordable and made of sturdy modern materials that will keep the harsh weather out and whatever you intend to do in there dry! Installation is easy and in no time you can have a roof over your head. Now, the question is, if not gardening, just exactly what is your lovely new shed going to be used for? I have some ideas.

Before we get too far ahead, there are a few infrastructure issues we need to address. Depending on your plans, you will probably need to install electricity for lighting and any kind of tools or tech you want to use out there. Then you will have to consider if you are going to need running water, and install a sink and tap if deemed necessary. Finally, you will need to put in flooring, there are lots of options for that, just make sure it’s the proper material for your shed’s purposes.

Now For The Fun Part – Here Are Some Ideas :

Outdoor Kitchen – The barbecue pit is fine, but why not take your outdoor cooking to a higher level? Get the food from the kitchen directly to the picnic. You will need the basics of a portable stove, some shelves, a work table, and cooking implements to get you started. If you want to go more advanced install a refrigerator and a sink, too! Everyone will enjoy hanging out in lawn chairs in front of your big open shed door whilst you cook up a storm! And, if it rains, just move the picnic table inside the shed, there’s plenty of room for your garden party to continue without having to retreat to the boring old indoors!

Movie Theatre – I bet you hadn’t thought of this one! Set up your screen on the back wall (a white sheet will do in a pinch), set up enough folding chairs for all your moviegoers, and turn on the digital projector and speakers! Popcorn? You bet!

Kid’s Playhouse – Now you can tell the kids to go play outside even when it’s raining! Make your shed a modern toyland, with shelves and baskets for storage, chairs and tables for projects and play, and quiet for the adults in the house!

The Australian government will probably have some regulations regarding your project, so you had better check with them first, don’t be sorry! Now, get out there in your amazing new shed and have fun!

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