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Why Is HR So Important In The Workplace?

Why is HR So Important

Human Resources, also commonly known as HR, is one of the most important components of a functional workplace.

The people who work within HR-related roles have an essential role in the smooth running of any workforce. It is often understood that this department is pivotal to a company’s success, but it may not be clear to every employee exactly why this is!

Today you can read on to discover why a Human Resources department is so important in every single workplace.

What is the Role of the HR Department?

Those who work in HR are responsible for several key tasks in the workplace. These tasks largely relate to the other employees who work within the company. The department primarily exists to recruit, fire, train, pay, and support the people who make up the business.

It is often the case that each company will have its own HR department, but these processes may also be outsourced to an external agency. G&A Partners is a great choice for HR services Austin, although clients from all over the US and beyond can seek assistance from this company.

Read on for a more in-depth look at some of the most prominent responsibilities of Human Resources professionals.


The recruitment process will be managed at least in part by the HR department. Once the department has been advised on the specific hiring needs, they can begin advertising the position.

Once applicants begin applying to an open position, it is also the responsibility of the HR department to vet these people. Again, researching potential candidates before they reach the interview stage can save a company the time of interviewing the wrong people.

Additionally, HR will be in charge of organizing the interviews and then onboarding the successful applicant. Sometimes, partnering with a PEO Company can be the best solution in order to save time and money with HR processes.

Terminating Employees

When an employee is fired from their job, the HR team will handle all of the relevant processes. They will likely be tasked with giving the person in question the bad news and then processing all of the paperwork relating to the termination.

In addition to firing people, the HR department will also have to manage any disciplinary actions that employees are subject to. The appropriate handling of employee discipline is very important and can make all the difference to how the person in question responds to this action.

Training Opportunities

Providing ongoing training opportunities to employees is an essential component of any successful business. Only when employees feel valued and invested in will they truly do their very best for their employer.

Training courses are a fantastic way to show workers that their professional development is a priority. This is also, of course, a great way for a person to advance their existing skills and to gain new ones. This is of benefit to both the employee and the employer.

The HR department will be responsible for finding appropriate training courses for people and for organizing their enrollment in these courses. HR will also navigate the balance between an employee being able to fit a training course around their existing work schedule.


Processing the payroll is obviously an essential task for absolutely every business. If employees do not get paid on time, then they might start to feel frustrated and undervalued for their work. This can have a serious impact on morale and productivity.

The HR department is responsible for all payroll-related tasks, which extend far beyond just ensuring every employee is paid on time.

Payroll also involves completing all of the necessary tax information for each worker and also processing any bonuses or reimbursements during each pay period. The HR team must also consider any raises or other changes to a person’s pay and make the necessary adjustments.

Employee Support

Supporting all employees is an essential role of any HR department. Therefore, they will routinely schedule meetings with employees to check in with them. These meetings are an opportunity for both sides to discuss what is going well and what is perhaps not going so well. These meetings are also a great chance to talk about career progression and to share any thoughts the employee has about their role at the company.

The health and wellness of employees is a concern for those in HR. It is often the case that an employee will need extra support due to an event in their personal life. This might be a bereavement, pregnancy, health issue, or something else entirely. HR will advise an employee during this time and help them continue in their role as best as possible.

Contacting HR

When an employee is unhappy at work for any reason, contacting the HR department should always be an action they feel comfortable taking. HR can help to resolve disputes between employees, as well as between an employee and their manager.

There are so many different reasons why a person may need to contact the HR department where they work. These reasons may relate to an admin query, complaint, training request, or anything else an employee might need assistance with.

Contacting HR should be a simple process that all employees can do. If somebody feels intimated to contact HR about a dispute at work, or they feel as though they will not get a clear answer about a problem, then this issue needs to be resolved.

The HR team should always be friendly and approachable, and everyone who needs them should be able to access them with ease. In addition, their communication should always be impeccable, both during internal and external discussions.

During the onboarding process for a new worker, it should always be made clear that they can contact the Human Resources team should they ever need to. The contact details should be easy for everyone to find, or they should be safe in the knowledge that they can pay an actual visit to the department to make an appointment.

The Importance of HR

With such an important role to play in the workplace, it is obvious that all HR professionals should take their jobs very seriously.

They can have a huge impact on how much someone enjoys their job and feels supported in their work. It is therefore always a good idea to hire the very best candidates to work in HR.

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