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Where To Buy Martell In Singapore

Where to Buy Martell in Singapore

As Singaporeans, we are often curious about the process of buying alcohol. It is not easy to find a Martell in most supermarkets or convenience stores. They may be located at the food court, bars, nightclubs, etc. But now it’s so easy to find places where to buy Martell in Singapore. The places include:

1) Les Amis Cafe & Bar

Les Amis Cafe & Bar is located at Liang Court, just on the right side of this mall’s entrance. They primarily serve afternoon tea sets and some light lunch items (such as sandwiches), but they also have a variety of alcoholic drinks to choose from. They offer classic cocktails like a martini, mojito, or raspberry sour; wines; beers; and Martell, of course.

2) Long Bar at Raffles Hotel

The second place you can grab a bottle is the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. Of all areas in Singapore that serve Martell (and probably more), this is considered one of the most iconic ones since they are located right next to where our national drink was first served back in the day (or at least, something like that).

3) Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel

The Grand Hyatt is one of the best hotels where to buy Martell in Singapore. It is located near Orchard Road, making it very convenient for shopping or just enjoying the famed street’s nightlife. They have a fantastic lounge bar that serves Martell and many other choices, and it is a great place to relax with a drink.

4) Osteria Mozza Restaurant

Osteria Mozza is a lovely Italian restaurant that serves modern cuisine from Italy and some traditional dishes from various country regions. They have their signature cocktails, wines by the glass, beers on tap, and Martell, as well as other cognacs for you to choose from.

5) Ritz-Carlton Hotel Singapore

If you choose to dine at the French restaurant in this hotel, Pertinence, then Martell is one of the available choices. The menu changes every week, but there are usually around ten different wines and many more cocktails and spirits to choose from.

6) The Holy Crab

The Holy Crab is a place where to buy Martell in Singapore. This restaurant is an all-you-can-eat, making it an excellent choice for seafood lovers, but you can also order something else to drink. They serve Martell along with many other cocktails, wines, and beers.

buy Martell in Singapore

7) Oli Privé

Oli Privé is a restaurant in Singapore that serves modern cuisine and great food. They have many Martell options, but the most popular cocktail they do with this liquor is their Oli Martini. It is made with white wine instead of vermouth and adds elderflower syrup to the mix. This beverage can be enjoyed by itself or with the food you ordered.

8) BLVD Kitchen & Bar

BLVD is a restaurant located in Singapore’s most OK hotel, Marina Bay Sands. It is a place where to buy Martell in Singapore. If you end up here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (and if you can afford it), then Martell is one of the many drinks available to order.

9) The Ritz-Carlton Club Lounge

The Club Lounge is located on the hotel’s top floor, and it serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. You can choose between wines by glass or bottles; beers; cocktails, Martell (among other types of cognacs); and many teas. The selection changes for every meal.

10) The Palace Hotel Singapore

The restaurant at this hotel is called the Cut, and it offers excellent steaks for you to enjoy while sipping Martell or other drinks. They have many wines by the glass; beers on tap; Martell to choose from; cocktails – both classic and modern ones with a twist; and many other drinks. The restaurant is very sleek and contemporary, so it’s a lovely place to dine at.


If you are in Singapore and want to buy Martell, there are many options available. Singaporeans who are looking for a high-quality Martell cognac should visit their nearest wine and liquor store. These stores can be found in many shopping malls, so it is easy to find one near you!

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