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The 3 Next Steps To Take When You’ve Faced Discrimination At Work

Discrimination At Work

Work is supposed to be a  place where you can go and feel safe and productive. Unfortunately, there are people at your work who may not like who you are and will make things difficult for you. It could be that you are a woman and people are harassing you sexually, or you are disabled and you are not seen as an equal to them and they do what they can to discredit you. 

Luckily, there are laws that protect you from being discriminated against and wrongfully terminated if you are in a protected class of workers. This includes the disabled, minorities, women, and LGBT people. If you are seeing signs of discrimination, then you have to do something about it. In this article, we will go over the steps to take when you are being discriminated against. 

1 – Consult with a lawyer

A good employment lawyer is familiar with the many forms of disability discrimination and will know what to do when you present your case. They will first make an evaluation of how likely your case is to go forward based on the information that you have presented them with. 

It is not advised to bring a case like this to a court on your own. Having a lawyer will increase the chances of you being able to win your case. This could be in the form of compensation or reinstatement to your job if you were wrongfully terminated. 

If your case doesn’t look strong from the outset, your lawyer will give you instructions on how to proceed to be able to make a solid case that you faced discrimination. Make sure to follow their instructions closely so that you are able to present a flawless case and win.

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2 – Document everything

You will need to have a lot of evidence collected to give to your lawyer. This means that you should be documenting everything that has been happening to you regarding your claim of discrimination. 

Every time an incident at work happens make sure to log the time, date, and incident so you can refer to it later on. If there is anybody else who witnessed the incident then make sure to have them corroborate your claim. Third-party testimony is usually seen as being more accurate since there is not much of a reason for a biased view. 

3 – File the claim

Every state has its own regulatory agency that handles workplace complaints. The first step to being able to get some relief is to find the one that is responsible for your state and jurisdiction. 
After you’ve consulted with the lawyer, you should have all the paperwork ready to be able to file the claim of discrimination with the proper office. Once you have filed the claim, it will take some time to proceed as the agency will have to do an investigation to corroborate the claims that you’ve made. This is why it’s important to have all of the documents and evidence as thorough as possible early on.

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