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Why Does Your Hybrid Workplace Need a Desk Booking Solution?

Desk Booking Solution

With the global workplace scenario shifting rapidly, one thing is certain – hybrid working is an excellent opportunity for companies to reimagine and reinvent their work culture. In theory, it combines the best of both worlds – the need for in-office collaboration and the flexibility of working from home. 

However, hybrid working also poses many new questions for facility managers in terms of space utilization-

  • Is the available space being properly utilized?
  • What seating layout will work the best for your in-office employees?
  • Do you have the right number of desks available?

With a hybrid work model, getting a desk in the office when an employee arrives can soon turn into a game of musical chairs if you do not have a system like a desk booking solution in place.

From a business point of view, measuring and analyzing desk utilization can help combat these challenges and create a flexible workspace that perfectly fits your organization’s needs. A desk booking systems for small businesses solution is one of the easiest ways to manage the available office space in a hybrid workplace.

Desk Booking Solution for Your Hybrid Workplace

In a hybrid workspace, every workday might be different. Some days, the majority of your employees are working from home, while other days you need your entire team to collaborate from the office. So, it becomes important for your organization to be ready for different situations.

A desk booking solution is an indispensable element for any organization to facilitate flexible and hybrid working. By managing space utility, desk sharing, and desk booking with a desk booking solution, you do not have to worry about under or overutilization of the office space.

All desk booking systems enable users to book and reserve a space in the office as and when they need it. But most of all, a good desk booking solution offers your employees-

  • the flexibility of choosing the type of office space they need
  • the freedom to plan their workday, eliminating the frustration of finding a desk when they need one

So, if you have been toying with the thought of investing in a desk booking solution for your business, here are five reasons why your hybrid workplace needs a desk booking solution.

1. Optimum Space Utilization

Look around your office and see how much space is being utilized right now? Research reveals that the average desk occupancy is 45% and 40% of workspaces are empty at any point during the workday. Give it a thought – consider the time you spend at your desk, the meetings, the lunch breaks, and of course, working from home. And you will realize that you probably do not sit at your desk for as long as you would have thought. 

Introducing a desk booking solution in your organization can help you keep a track of how much space is being utilized and identify ways to use the unutilized space like creating a new lounge room. This can also help encourage employees to use other spaces in the office than sitting at the same desk.

2. Improved Productivity

With a desk booking solution in place, your employees can choose a different desk whenever they are in the office. It also allows them to work from a space where they feel the most comfortable, thereby paving way for a happy and productive workforce.

Moreover, for situations when you need to work with specific people for specific projects, a desk booking solution can allow them to sit together to work, without having to reserve meeting rooms, thus, enabling increased collaboration and a productive workforce.

3. More Flexibility

An adaptable work environment helps employees choose a relevant space as per their needs and comfort. The lack of the right working environment can lead to dissatisfaction and frustration among your employees, ultimately leading to low productivity. However, a desk booking solution allows them to work from where they want, without being tied down to a specific place.

This gives them the flexibility to decide who they are sitting beside, depending upon the tasks they are working on. This gives way to better collaboration and communication in the company.

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4. Saves Time

How often do your meetings get interrupted by someone looking for an available space in the office? Or think about the time you have spent searching for a free desk? Time spent looking for the right place to work can add up quickly. Introducing a desk booking solution enables the employees to view which spaces are already reserved so that they can find an alternative and book their desks in advance. Again, saving their valuable time and gives way to increased efficiency.

5. Compliance with Occupancy Regulations

With Covid-19 guidelines still in place, limiting space occupancy is of top priority. In keeping up with the social distancing guidelines, facility managers face new challenges of rearranging spaces, planning for hybrid settings, and revising floorplans. A desk booking solution can simplify this process and offer excellent results.

Implementing a desk booking solution enables you to comply with these guidelines easily. With better insight into the space utility, you can remove desks to create more distance between areas. Or, with the right desk booking solution, you can even mark certain desks as unavailable. In addition, this will also help you allocate more time for cleaning and sanitization of the desks and meeting rooms after use.

Wrapping Up

In a hybrid work model which prioritizes flexibility, a desk booking solution is a win-win – benefitting both the organization and the employees. Not only can it facilitate better space utilization, but it can also bring order into the workplace, increasing employee efficiency and satisfaction.
WorkInSync offers comprehensive desk booking software. With features like hoteling, hot desking, finding your colleagues, and much more, you can manage your desks seamlessly. Opt for a demo today to know more about the product.

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