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8 Benefits of Renovating Your Office

Renovating Your Office

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If you’re the owner of a small business, you may be wondering if it’s time to upgrade your office space. While this might seem like an intimidating prospect, there are plenty of reasons to consider taking on this major renovation project you might also want to visit to achieve the outstanding workplace you ever imagine. Here are eight benefits of renovating your office space.

1) Looking for alternative spaces

If you’re starting to run out of room in your office, or simply feel like you need a change of scenery, consider looking for alternative spaces. Alternative spaces are great because they’re more cost-effective and can provide unique networking opportunities. In fact, such spaces may even be available for less than what you’d spend on your current office! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that landlords and property owners tend to like working with start-ups as tenants—you take up smaller areas and bring in fresh faces. Just make sure to give new space plenty of consideration before signing a lease; there are many hidden costs associated with moving offices, so it’s good practice to research your options first!

2) Invest in Modular Furniture

A lot can change over time, and it’s important to account for that when planning out a workspace. In fact, there are many times when people realize their needs have changed so much that they need to completely overhaul an office. To make sure you get as much mileage out of your space as possible, invest in modular furniture; specifically, desks and chairs that can be adjusted over time. This way, if you need to move into another office down the line or expand your current one—you’ll have a chair and desk that are built for expansion.

3) Save on electricity

It’s expensive to run an office, so you’ll be excited to know that improving your lighting setup can lead to lower electricity bills. It’s pretty simple: Fluorescent lights are way more efficient than incandescent bulbs, and LED bulbs are even better. Newer isn’t always better when it comes to lighting fixtures; fluorescent fixtures made before 2002 aren’t as efficient as their newer counterparts, but they do last longer and cost less. The Environmental Protection Agency offers a tool called Energy Star ( that shows what specific products should be used in different kinds of spaces.

4) Creative space makes you more productive

One of Google’s most well-known perks is its colourful and unique offices. In addition to providing employee happiness, these offices help increase employee productivity. Studies show that colours trigger brain responses and can actually improve moods and performance in certain tasks. If you’re looking for a way to design your office space with productivity in mind, choose colours that stimulate creativity, like bright blues and greens; pastels also work well. Yellow is ideal for invigorating spaces because it affects your body in two different ways—it helps to promote wakefulness, which improves concentration; yellow also helps increase appetite and stabilize blood sugar levels (good for concentration).

5) Collaboration is key to innovation

Collaboration is an essential part of any business. If a firm wants to get their employees out of their comfort zone and work with one another, having an open office space is a great way to do it. This way everyone can easily interact with one another throughout their day without leaving their own workspace, boosting productivity and overall output. Some firms that have successfully implemented open office spaces have seen as much as a 10% increase in productivity and up to a 17% decrease in turnover rate year-over-year. 

Overall, being able to constantly interact with your peers can help increase your company’s overall potential while also creating a more enjoyable work environment for all employees.

6) Inspiration comes easier when you’re comfortable

If you’re thinking about renovating your office, don’t worry too much about staying true to a certain style or implementing everything at once. Instead, start with one small project and let it motivate you to get inspired in other areas. For example, if you install new flooring, For example, if you install new flooring, add urinal partitions, redecorate your conference room or add new shelving, it will help you think about other ways to improve your space.

If inspiration doesn’t come easily, consider hiring an interior designer who can help you brainstorm different options. Keep in mind that renovations take time and money; be sure to set realistic expectations so that they don’t interfere with your business operations while they are happening.

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7) Beautiful surroundings make a difference

The simplest things are often overlooked. Adding plants to your work area can instantly improve your mood and make you feel calmer. If your office does not have much natural light, change it by opening up a window or moving to a better office space. It will help get rid of stress and put a smile on your face. 

Turn off all electronic devices: Let’s face it, most people use electronic devices (such as smartphones) when they should be focusing on their job or completing an assignment for school. When you aren’t checking emails, refreshing Facebook or making that quick phone call on speakerphone, you can concentrate better and actually finish what needs to be done before going home for the day!

8) Meetings are more productive in an inspiring environment

One study found that people who have regular meetings in their office scored 44% higher than people who did not. This may be because a professional, clean office makes us feel like we’re on top of our game; or maybe it’s just because seeing a beautiful space inspires us to live up to its potential. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to update your workspace, small-scale renovations make for easy DIY projects (and can also help you get bids from contractors). If you’ve always wanted to spend more time in your office—or at least want an excuse to spend more time there—consider upgrading one room at a time.


By renovating your office space, you can give your employees a nicer work environment to help reduce stress, boost morale and encourage more productivity. Using these tips will allow you to create a more organized space, provide better security and instill a sense of pride in your staff that will ultimately benefit your company as a whole. If you’re ready to start planning your office renovation project, contact us today! We’ll make sure that you get everything you need in order to completely revamp your workspace for maximum profitability.

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