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What Soccer Team Should I Support?

Soccer Team Should I Support

Can you choose which team to support? First of all, it must be said that everyone lives soccer in their own way, so this is a slightly personal issue. Some are romantic and love soccer in general, some only love their team and that’s all. Some only support their team at certain times, watching just the match scores sometimes.

Support or Sympathize?

It’s one thing to support and another to sympathize. They are two very different things. Most of the time, support is inherited, and you can’t do anything about it. There are also many leagues to choose from. You can be born as a Manchester City fan in a class of Manchester United fans, end up isolated and mocked when your team loses. Even more isolated when the resentment of the losing majority is poured on you, but you still don’t change your team . You can suffer watching a football match and depending on the result, it can affect your day positively or negatively.

What makes me feel at home?

Cheering is not just about territory, it’s about home. It is a form of kinship that unites you with strangers and is often part of the actual kinship. You don’t support the owners or managers of a team; you don’t even support the players themselves because they change teams. The rhetoric of supporting only the team and not specifically cheering a player, a manager, or the owner, is actually based on the subtraction of everything superfluous in a team. That takes away all the trappings and all that remains are the colors, the name, the symbol. Of course, it is understandable that extra-football events may disappoint us to the point of making us lose our passion for our favorite team, but at that point maybe you can move away from football in general, or you enjoy it without that strong passion you had before. It is not that you look for another team, the results of the games no longer affect your daily mood. Also because if we were to investigate the ethics of managers and presidents, past or present, I think we would be left with few options. Soccer is full of problems and flaws, in any country, but it is the way you experience it that matters.

Learning to listen to what you feel 

Soccer and supporting a team must speak to the most vital part of you, to the part that can love it while living in a difficult and complicated world. To love and hate at the same time. Then, if you want, you can also enjoy soccer by being passionate about the coaches or players, or teams that are not part of your country. But that’s not the way it works for the majority of the supporters. There is nothing wrong with starting a new life from scratch. The important thing is that you accept the responsibility that comes with passion. Cheering and sympathy are two very different things, sympathy can also change depending on different circumstances. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about cheering, if you have it, you keep it.

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Everyone has their way of cheering a team

Everyone has their own way of experiencing soccer, and they are all respectable. The love for a soccer team is born when you are a child, either because it is instilled in you by a relative, or because maybe you remain enchanted in a childish way in front of the colors of a shirt or the deeds of a great player. As you grow up, the love and bond for that team grow stronger and stronger until it becomes indissoluble. You begin to get your idea of how the world is going, you now have independent and mature thinking, and you get to know other cultures, in this case, soccer. What happens is that you start to love a league madly. Everything about it fascinates you, even the smallest and most minute detail. You start to follow it because you are totally into it. You watch the soccer matches continuously and start to develop in your subconscious a little sympathy towards a team in that league. This sympathy emerges, comes out, and starts to grow without stopping. You like that team – it fascinates you and it involves you. You would like to make it yours in some way, to make it something personal. But maybe you already have your favorite team. How do you do it? You should not feel guilty just because you support two teams. If the feelings towards them are pure, genuine, and true, there should be no problem. It also depends on the individual experience, and fans can be born for seemingly insignificant events that turn out to be decisive.

To watch soccer without cable is now possible thanks to the numerous options offered by the various existing websites. All you have to do is choose your favorite team and support it relentlessly, against everything and everybody.

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