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What Investing in Gold Looks Like in 2021

Investing in Gold

While it might seem like investment advice you would hear from someone two generations older than you, gold investment is becoming one of the most popular stores of value in the US. With the inflation rates that are beginning to surface and the incredible volatility in the stock market, many people are looking for 21st-century methods of investing in one of the most historically reliable asset storage mediums: gold.

The problem is, until recently gold investing has largely been tailored to the high net worth and ultra-high net worth markets. This has led to gold markets where investors can either put up large amounts of capital for gold futures, options, or physical gold bars, which is often out of reach for the average person. 

But now that there are some newer and more modern gold investment alternatives, interest in gold is surging. There are subscription services, as well as more traditional investment options, and even fully digital options. Depending on your budget, your risk tolerance, and whether or not you want to have physical possession of your gold, this is what investing in gold looks like in 2021.

Gold Subscriptions

Judging by the Acre Gold Reviews, one of the most effective and user-friendly gold investment options especially for new gold investors is Acre Gold. They are a subscription-based service that allows investors to invest as little as $30-$50 per month, incrementally saving towards an eventual 2.5g, 5g, or even 10g gold bar.

Once you have saved the value of the bar in your investment plan, you can immediately have that gold bar shipped discreetly to you so you can store it how you prefer. With Acre Gold, you are the possessor of your gold investment, and there is nothing like being able to feel the weight of your efforts in your hands. 

Keeping your gold in your possession is another reason that Acre Gold is leading the way in gold investments for 2021 and beyond. Many traditional gold investment methods either give you a share of a larger underlying asset base, or they require a much larger initial investment to take possession of any physical gold.

In the past, in order to buy physical gold, investors would need to buy at least an ounce or more, with some bars being up to 1kg. With gold prices hovering around $1,770 at the time of writing, that could mean you need nearly $2k just for your first investment move, which prices it out of reach for so many people.

Another way of parking assets in gold in 2021 is by leveraging managed funds, like ETFs. In many cases, these funds have an incredible history of outperforming similar investments, and they have the benefit of being able to be found through just about any traditional brokerage or investment firm.

Do It Digitally

These funds often reflect the larger gold market or are representative of a handful of companies in the gold industry. These could be any combination of mining & prospecting organizations, processors and refineries, and more, as long as they are likely to turn a profit with gold. 

The downside to this method, of course, is the lack of a tangible asset beyond a stock certificate. To many people, this makes them less attractive, to others, more. Another drawback to this is that you can only buy and sell through a broker or similar agent or intermediary, whereas holding physical possession of your assets means you can manage them with full autonomy.

There’s An App For That

Just like everything else these days, for the hyper-mobile investor, there are gold investment apps like Vault. With vault, you will contribute regular savings towards gold bar ownership, however, you do not retain physical possession of your gold unless you specifically request a delivery. 

In some cases, this is ideal, particularly for people that prefer not to have to worry about securing their assets themselves. With Vault, all of your gold is secured at the Royal Canadian Mint, and if requested, your 1kg gold bar within a week to the location of your choosing.

Investing In Gold In 2021

While diversifying your investment portfolio into gold can be more than a little intimidating at first, but depending on your goals, there is an option here for most investors. If you like a blend of portability and easy investment entry, as well as being your own Fort Knox, then Acre Gold could be the perfect way to invest in gold for you.

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